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Acconeer AB is a public company in Europe from the south of Sweden with a vision to be the world leader of small size, low cost, and low power consumption radar sensing for innovation and sustainability. According to the research of the nanoelectronics group at Lund University, the company created new opportunities for human interaction with a unique radar solution technology known as the Pulsed Coherent Radar.


Acconeer produced a powerful pulsed coherent radar-based sensor that possesses several advantages. One of which is its ability to consume less than one milliwatt of power yet still give a high range resolution. It is only 5×5 mm, ideal for compact battery-driven mobile devices and other low-power-consumption technologies. This particular radar sensor has a unique characteristic that makes it possible to identify materials and detect motion in advanced sensor applications. ​Acconeer already established its invention in the industry by undergoing several test configurations for accuracy, movement recognition, material identification, energy efficiency, and robustness.


This invention has opened a great scope of whole new level applications and expanded radar integration opportunities. All types of Acconeer’s Pulsed Coherent Radar Sensors listed below are available worldwide in its offices and from an Acconeer distributor:

  1. Pulsed Radar – Power consumption only takes place while sending radar pulse and receiving the echo.


  1. Frequency-Modulated Continuous Wave – Has high accuracy and power consumption that requires a non-stop wave transmission.


  1. Doppler Radar – Measures speed when an object approaches or distances from the radar.


ACCONEER Distributor Product’s Quality

The company has consistently provided quality products that also respect social and environmental standards. Acconeer possesses different certifications to prove these: the ISO 9001: 2015, the ISO 14001:2015, the RoHS Statement, and the EU Reach Statement. Acconeer invested in becoming present worldwide with its headquarters in Europe, offices in North America, Japan, & Korea, and its official distributors as the market continuously support its products. 



You may BD Electronics today, an Acconeer distributor, for more product information and assistance. 

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