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About Alango

Alango is a growing front-end voice, hearing, and audio processing technology producing company. It was established in 2002 with headquarters in Israel and a research & development facility in Russia. The company is dedicated to producing technology & solutions that aim to help the user be heard and understood by both humans and machines. 

Last 2016, Alango released its 8th generation voice processing package known as the VCP8. It has become the company’s flagship package and is believed to be having a significant contribution in the future. As for its audio enhancement, the company developed PersonaSound™, a device that uses Alango’s core technologies for a personalized audio experience. Last is the HearPhones™, a hearing enhancement innovation advertised as the “Glasses for the Hearing Impaired.” Alango continues to prepare for the future, encouraging the involvement of society to adequately address and anticipate our future technological needs. 

Alango is great at creating all these communication enhancement technologies with the help of its DSP Processing Software. It is one of the company’s patents that improves the performance quality for a better user experience. Regardless of real-life scenarios, its instruments will withstand as they are embedded with features such as reducing noise, enhancing speech, canceling echos, and equalizing signal volume. 

As part of its continuous development for the future, it also promises to have the most satisfactory customer journey experience. Alango is offering technology customization and assistance for the entire product development process. This service offer includes but is not limited to the implementation and optimization of Alago’s technologies, development of custom hardware and reference designs, and help in fine-tuning of final products. As a result, customers will have nothing to worry about as they will be supported from the initial product conceptualization to the final mass production. 

Aside from its headquarters, Alango is also directly represented in China, Japan, Korea, and Taiwan with official distributors across the globe. 


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