Micron Technology

A global leader and provider of storage and memory solutions. Micron Technology assists in the acceleration of transforming information, inspiring the world to learn, communicate, and advance faster. It has the broadest technology portfolio concerning the world’s disruptive breakthroughs like artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. 


The Micron Technology team comprises visionaries, dreamers, trailblazers, and scientists who have been redefining the industry’s innovation for more than 40 years already. Their creativity and expertise contribute to what Micron has become and is known for today. 


This leading global company claims that “Micron memory is all around you.” It is meant for both applications in different industries and the provision of its world-class storage and memory solutions by recognized business partners. 


There are seven identified Micron product categories: 5G, Automotive, Client, Consumer, and Industrial IoT. These are generic electronic category terms, but the company has its approach to providing and satisfying its market. 


See the description of each below:


5G – The data network upgrades will never end, and it is remarkable for Micron Technology because  its solution offers would be needed by many industries; from health care technology to Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered mobile photography. 


Automotive – Micron is proud to be the only memory and storage manufacturer with 30-years of automotive application experience. This is one validation of why it is a global leader and continues to be through simultaneous innovations. 


Client – The world is starting to depend on digitalization, and users look forward to always having smooth connectivity. Micron Technology designed a variety of memory and storage power PCs that only requires a single battery charge to last all day.


Consumer – In line with the single battery capacity of PCs, other upgrades are incorporated, such as sharing and storing data across multiple devices. 


Industrial IoT – A very timely technological innovation that Micron is actively working on by enabling devices to develop businesses through convenient processing, sharing, and collecting of data. 


Micron Technology’s recognized business partners are spread throughout the world. This way, the company will not have difficulty providing what they need. This storage and memory solutions provider never disappoints the market and the world of technology by demonstrating that “Micron memory is always around you.”


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