Susumu company is a leader in the production of high-performance components with expertise in Thin Film Technology. The company remains consistently at the leading edge of research, development, and innovation in this field. 

A Brief History of Susumu 

The Susumu company was founded in Kyoto, Japan, in July of 1964. In July of 1966, they established their first manufacturing facility in Horai, Aichi, Japan. In the same year, they found their first dedicated sales office in Kanto, Japan.

In 1972 the company began to expand overseas into the North American market, establishing a local sales office in New Jersey, USA.

With the popularity and success of their product line increasing, Susumu expanded its manufacturing capability by opening a second factory in Obama, Fukui, Japan, in 1977. 

A further sales office was inaugurated in May of 1980 in Chubu, Japan.

In April of 1985, the company invested a significant equity share into the Yokohama Denshi Seiko Company Ltd, further expanding its research, development, and manufacturing capabilities.

In September of 1991, Susumu took the significant step of establishing Cyntec in Taiwan. Cyntec is a joint venture with Delta Electronics Inc.

In 1998 ISO9001 certification by JQA was obtained, followed by ISO14001 accreditation in December of 2000.

With the growth of manufacturing capability and consumer demand in the People’s Republic of China, Susumu (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was established in mainland China.

As demand and the success of Susumu products continues to grow, Susumu Deutschland, GmbH was established in Frankfurt, Germany in September of 2003, and Susumu International (USA) Inc., in January 2004, in New Jersey, USA.

In November of 2004, ISO/TS16949 certification was acquired by JQA. 

A further mainland Chinese division was established in December 2007 in Shanghai, the Susumu International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

In August 2015, Susumu acquired NCH Technologies (S) Pet. Ltd., (NCH) as a fully owned subsidiary, further expanding manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise. 

To harmonize with the parent company, NCH Technologies changed its operating public name to Susumu Singapore Pte. Ltd. in December of 2015.

Continuing its growth and expansion, the YDS corporation was merged with Susumu in April of 2017. 

In March of 2018, operations expanded in South Korea with the Susumu Korea Co., Ltd., in Seoul, Korea.

In July 2020, Susumu further expanded its global manufacturing capability by establishing a new factory in Itoigawa, Niigata, Japan. 

Susumu products are found in the automotive, FA/Robot, Measuring Instrument, Medical Device, and Consumer Electronics industries.

What Industries Does Susumu Serve?

Susumu products are found in the automotive, FA/Robot, Measuring Instrument, Medical Device, and Consumer Electronics industries. 


Electrical Control Units (ECUs) are increasingly common in the modern automotive industry. Susumu is a leading producer of ECU technology with core functionality ranging from safety and security to reducing CO2 emissions to fuel economy management and more. An exceptionally high level of quality control and end-product reliability is required for these components. 




FA and robotics continue to multiply in global importance, with the Susumu company remaining a highly specialized leader in this field. Moreover, integration of FA with IT in the ‘Industry 4.0’ model of industrial production, together with ‘big data and the ‘Industrial-Internet,’ is set to become increasingly more central to technology companies from now on.


The use cases for high precision resistors employed for signal processing in the IoT’s highly sophisticated and information-sensitive world are becoming more pervasive with a growing demand for this kind of technology. 


As the implementation of industrial robotics becomes more common, more complex, and more miniaturized, the number of small motors required for the joints and articulations in robots is increasing. Low resistors for current detection are crucial for this level of fine motor control. 


Equally, SiC-MOSFETs and IGBTs need high-power, small resistors to manage transient currents during operation. 


Measuring Instruments & Medical Devices


As in robotics, there is a growing requirement for extremely sophisticated measuring capabilities in industrial, scientific, and medical equipment. 


The challenges in measuring minimal voltages and currents with high-level precision are being met with the range of highly sensitive resistors in the Susumu product catalog.


Consumer Devices


The demand for increasingly high-tech and stable consumer devices has raised the standard of production for end-user electronics. For example, home appliances that run with motors, inverters, and compressors are designed to save energy. Susumu continues to lead the way in research and development in this field, providing low-resistance, high power resistors with best-in-class, highly competitive heat dissipation characteristics. 


Susumu technology is used in smartphones, AV equipment, high-standard audio equipment for music playback, and many other products.  

The Susumu Product Catalog

Thin Film Surface Mount Resistors


  • The tight resistance tolerance and small TCR 
  • High-precision resistors for automotive and industrial applications.
  • Wide temperature range high-precision resistors
  • High voltage operation and high precision
  • non-magnetic materials NRG
  • high-resolution audio applications
  • High-power with long side terminal PRG
  • High-power with short side terminal HRG
  • Anti-surge MRG
  • High-Temperature operation RGA (up to 230 degrees Celsius)
  • High precision RR
  • Trimmable RT products 
  • Network resistors with low relative tolerance and TCR
  • High-Temperature operation Network Resistors (up to 230 degrees Celsius)


Current Sensing Surface Mount Resistors


  • High-power metal foil resistors with long side terminal KRL
  • High-power metal foil resistors with short side terminal KRL
  • Four-terminal metal foil resistors KRL
  • Four-terminal high-precision thin film resistors SHR
  • Thin film resistors with long side terminal PRL/RL
  • Thin film resistors with short side terminal RL
  • Jumper use with resistance value lower than 0.3mΩ

High-Frequency Surface Mount Components

  • Chip attenuators with high-frequency operation (up to 30GHz)
  • Chip attenuators with low noise, good high-frequency characteristics
  • Chip attenuators with wider frequency range
  • Termo-variable chip attenuators for temperature drift compensation
  • Chip power splitter with wide frequency range
  • Small and high power chip terminators


Other Specialized Products


  • Resistors with radial leads
  • Low loss, low-profile, high saturation voltage choke coils
  • Small, low DCR, high-efficiency choke coils


Susumu resistors and other components are used across a broad spectrum of industries, including robotics, medical devices, consumer electronics, high accuracy measuring instrumentation, and automotive applications.

If you require any further information about Susumu’s product range or if you would like to make an order, contact us today.

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