TRACO POWER is one of the successful, trustable DC/DC converters, AC/DC power supplies, and DIN-Rail power supply domains leading in the market for over 35 years. TRACO POWER provides power supply solutions that are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and high quality. With vast experience in the field, they aim to provide their clients with the best and most efficient power supply solutions.



Traco power offers a significant line of DC-DC converters, including isolated and non-isolated types, to meet the requirements of different onboards, power modules, and unit types. We also provide AC-DC power supplies, DIN-Rail, and other accessories. TRACO POWER also deals with customized power supply solutions for increased and efficient results.

The range of the products includes:

  1. DC-DC Converters 1 ~ 300 watts
  2. TMU 3 Series DC/DC Converters
  3. TRV 2M Series 2 W Medical DC/DC Converters
  4. TMR 12WI Series 12 W DC/DC Converters
  5. AC DC Power Supplies 2 ~ 1000
  6. TPI 50A-J Series AC/DC Power Supplies
  7. TPI 300 Series Industrial AC/DC Power Supplies
  8. TPP 300 Series Medical & Industrial AC/DC Power Supplies



The following are the applications of TRACO POWER products 

  1. Railway applications 
  2. Camera applications 
  3. Medical industry 
  4. Building automation 
  5. Industrial applications


TRACO POWER Distributors

Authorized TRACO POWER distributors provide products such as dc-to-dc converters, power supply products, and many others. 

One of its essential distributors is BD Electronics, a worldwide distributor of hard-to-find or outdated electronic components. It offers customers excellent prices on high-quality, high-performance TRACO POWER products. Contact BD Electronics today with all your part requirements, and the sales team will assist you.



Q1: Do I need external fuses for AC-DC converters?

A: No external protection is required for the AC-DC converters, including a built-in fusible device. However, some regulations might need an external fuse to protect against short circuits.


Q2: What to do when the AC input voltage is low?

A: Traco AC-DC converters include built-in Under Voltage Look Out to disable the converter if the voltage is too low to stop the input current from getting too high.


Q3: Why is a DC-DC converter important?

A: It also helps to match power supply loads and isolates primary and secondary circuits for safety reasons. DC-DC converter increases the flexibility and reliability of the power supply


Q4: What are the types available for DC-DC inverters?

A: There are two types of DC/DC converters: linear and switching. 

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