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Incorporated circuits and modules for motor and motion control are offered by TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH to clients globally, the majority of which are titans of their respective sectors. In advanced industries, including biotechnology, lab automation, semiconductor handling equipment, CCTV, factory automation, and motion control of various types, TRINAMIC devices are employed. 


Trinamic has mastered the application of technical solutions based on outcomes rather than prejudices for one technology approach or another because every one of their products is founded on their solid motor heritage. Because of their extensive experience, they know how to combine unique software and hardware elements to enhance performance, promote downsizing, and turn essential motor characteristics into competitive advantages for their clients’ products.


TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH Products & Technologies


Customers can choose from a selection of premium goods from TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH, including integrated circuits, embedded modules, motors, and encoders.


The company offers products in the following categories;


Integrated Circuits

  • Battery-Powered Motor Driver ICs
  • Stepper Motor Driver ICs
  • Stepper Motor Gate Driver ICs
  • Stepper Motor Driver ICs With Motion Control
  • Motion Control and Interface ICs
  • EtherCAT Slave Controller ICs
  • Servo Controller ICs
  • Phase Pre driver ICs
  • BLDC Motor Driver ICs
  • DC Motor Driver ICs

Embedded Modules

  • Multi-Axis Stepper Motor Modules
  • Single-Axis Stepper Motor Modules
  • Single-Axis BLDC Motor Modules
  • Plug-In Modules
  • Custom Modules

Motors & Encoders

  • Stepper Motors
  • Stepper Motors With Encoder
  • BLDC Motors
  • BLDC Motors With Encoder
  •  Incremental Encoders

PANdrive Smart Motors

  • Smart Stepper Motors With Closed-Loop Operation
  • Smart Stepper Motors With SensOstep
  • Smart Stepper Motors With cDriver
  • PANdrive™ Smart Stepper Motors With Step/Direction
  • PANdrive™ Smart BLDC Motors

Evaluation Kits

  • Interface and Connector Boards
  • Evaluation Boards
  • Breakout Boards
  • Reference Designs
  • Interface Adapters and Lab Tools

Custom Solutions


TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH Components Product Applications


Many industries can use the TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH products, including:


  • 3D Printing
  • Home Automation
  • Industrial Automation
  • Robotics & AGVs
  • Lab Automation
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Battery-Powered


TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH Distributors


Integrated circuits, embedded modules, motors, and encoders are products that TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH makes and sells via international distributors. Customers can purchase goods from BD Electronics, a distributor of products from TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH, for the lowest possible costs.


BD Electronics, a distributor of obsolete electrical parts, focuses on locating difficult-to-find components and shipping them to clients worldwide. After we receive your part requests for the procurement of electronic components, we will provide you the choice to select your preferred price.


FAQ About TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH

Q1: What are encoders in motors?

A: A motor encoder is a rotary encoder attached to an electric motor that tracks the speed and position of a motor shaft to produce closed-loop feedback signals.


Q2: What is the purpose of an encoder?

A: A sensor that measures rotational angle or linear displacement is known as an encoder. Devices that need to work at high speed and accuracy rate require encoders.


Q3: Where is an encoder located in a motor?

A: An encoder motor is a particular kind of motor with a rotary encoder installed on the underside tracking the speed or position of the motor shaft to give feedback to the system.


Q4: Where to order TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH audio amplifiers online?

A: Globally, BD Electronics offers encoders made by TRINAMIC Motion Control GmbH. You may find the parts you require by visiting the BD Electronics website and using the product category area.



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