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About Tronics

Tronics, a global MEMS producer with a strong focus on added value, was established in 1997. The business, which relies on a solid portfolio of 25 patent families, designs, produces and distributes custom and standard MEMS-based solutions to the industrial, aeronautics, security, and medical markets. 


With best-in-class performance and accuracy in a minimal design, Tronics’ MEMS inertial products integrate all significant advantages on a single chip. In addition, they are designed with system manufacturers in mind that have high standards for highly reliable, high-performance inertial sensors. For markets that are more demanding than automotive but do not require “tactical grade” sensors, Tronics’ high-performance inertial sensors offer substantial value and difference. They are manufactured, packed, and calibrated in their fab in France.


Tronics Products & Technologies


High-end items Tronics provides to its clients include inertial sensors, bioMEMS foundries, and development boards.


The company offers products in the following categories;


Inertial Sensors

  • Inertial MEMS Sensors
  • MEMS Accelerometers
  • MEMS Gyros
  • FAQ Inertial Sensors
  • Resources/Downloads
  • Global Distribution Network

BioMEMS Foundry

  • Magelan inertial foundry technology
  • Inertial foundry solutions

Development Boards


Tronics Product Applications


Customers can use the products of Tronics in a variety of applications, including:


  • BioMEMS
  • Industrial MEMS
  • Flexible Sensors


Tronics Distributors


Tronics sells various high-end products through distributors worldwide, including development boards, inertial sensors, and bioMEMS foundries. In addition, Tronics’ high-performance products are sold at the lowest prices through a BD Electronics distributor.


BD Electronics

 use some methods, a global reseller of outdated electrical components, to interpret cryptic data. Electronic parts can be located using a part request. Then, if you’d like, you can select a price range.


FAQ About Tronics

Q1: What are inertial sensors?

A: The inertial sensor, also referred to as the inertial navigation system (INS), measures the orientation of the spaceship concerning the inertial system using an accelerometer and a gyro. The accelerometer measures the carrier’s motion acceleration, and the results are utilized to determine the carrier’s current location.


Q2: Is A GPS an inertial sensor?

A: Accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers are the inertial sensors used by an inertial navigation system (INS), similar to an IMU. An INS combines the data from inertial sensors to determine a platform’s position, orientation, and velocity. For example, in an INS/GPS, the INS is adjusted using GPS data.


Q3: What are the applications of inertial sensors?

A: The following categories can be used to categorize inertial sensor applications in consumer electronics: A few examples include: orientation sensing, gesture recognition, motion input, image stabilization, fall detection, and applications for sports and a healthy lifestyle.


Q4: Where to order Tronics inertial sensors online?

A: You can purchase inertial sensors made by Tronics online at BD Electronics. Browse the product categories on the BD Electronics website to find the required parts.

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