About Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc.

Vector Electronics & Technology, Inc. is the top producer of proto boards, pin terminals, and related accessories, and it is based in North Hollywood, in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles. Their Vectorbord® line includes plug-in applications, extender boards, general-purpose pre-punched insulating boards, and simple circuit layouts.

Vector’s products’ engineering, design, and production are all done in the USA. Vector Electronics offers the quickest lead times in the electronics business with a wide range of 19″ rack mount systems packaging, and prototyping items in factory stock. Along with national distribution channels, they have an increasing number of aerospace, military, and commercial OEM accounts for their Vectorbord® products.


Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. Products & Technologies


Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. offers a variety of high-quality products, such as backplanes, extenders, connectors, and power supplies.


The company offers products in the following categories;


Chassis / System Enclosures

  • 3U Vertical Cards
  • 6U Vertical Cards
  • 6U Horizontal Cards
  • 6U Horizontal Cards “RUGGED”
  • 6U Vertical Cards “Tower Style”


  • VME,  VMEbus
  • cPCI 
  • Power Interface
  • DIN Uncommitted
  • Terminator Board
  • STD bus

Subracks and Accessories

  • EMC Subracks & Accessories
  • Non-EMC Subracks & Accessories
  • EIA Non-Metric Subracks & Accessories
  • Outer Enclosure for subracks
  • Fan Trays, 19″ Rackmountable


  • Card Edge Extenders
  • Uncommitted Extenders



PCB Accessories

Pin Assignments and Material Specifications

Power Supplies

System Accessories


Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. Product Applications

Products from Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. are used in the following industries:


  • Electronics
  • Aerospace
  • Military
  • Commercial
  • Communication devices
  • Industrial
  • Automotive


Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. Distributors

Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. exports various goods via distributors, including connectors, power supplies, extenders, and backplanes. Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc.’s distributor, BD Electronics, is dedicated to providing products and services to clients worldwide at the most competitive costs.


BD Electronics, an international distributor of out-of-date electrical components, specializes in finding hard-to-find goods. You can submit your part requests for sourcing electronic components, and we’ll let you choose the pricing range.


FAQ About Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc.


Q1: What does a backplane do?

A: The supporting structure joins various printed circuit boards to form an entire computer system.


Q2: What is a backplane on a server?

A: A backplane, often called a PCB or printed circuit board, is essentially a piece of hardware with many connectors or slots that a server can use to access numerous drives.


Q3: What is a RAID backplane?

A: A removable hard drive configuration is held by an internal multi-bay backplane module known as a RAID cage. A RAID controller card is required for hot-swap RAID operation.


Q4: Where to order Vector Electronics and Technology, Inc. backplane online?

A: BD Electronics offers a selection of backplanes for you to choose from. You can locate the necessary parts by visiting the BD Electronics website and browsing the product category page.

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