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Vicor Power is a leading producer of high-performance power modules. Constantly at the forefront of innovation in their field, Vicor empowers clients to maintain a leading edge with modular, easy-to-deploy power systems. 

Power delivery networks that require high-density efficiency from the power source to point-of-load look to Vicor as a reliable source for high quality and high-reliability products, confident that their product line is continuously evolving to meet the latest and most demanding industrial needs of power provision equipment. 

Power distribution is a crucial element in the majority of today’s high-tech industries, including automation, UAVs, automotive and transportation, aerospace and defense, satellite technology, high-performance and enterprise computing, robotics, and industrial equipment. Vicor offers continual improvement in conversion topologies, packaging technology, and distribution architectures to meet and exceed the unique demands of these challenging environments.

A Brief History of Vicor Corporation. 

Vicor Power was founded and incorporated in Andover, MA, USA, in 1981 to design, engineer, and manufacture power system components and power converters based upon their patented high-frequency power technology with zero current switchings. 

Since then, they have used their expertise and industry success to design and manufacture a wide variety of power system accessories, complete configurable power systems, and offer custom power solutions to their highly specialized client base.

By 2013 the company had grown to include 15 subsidiary companies, including VICR Securities Corporation, VLT, Inc., Vicor GmbH, Vicor Hong Kong Ltd, Vicor U.K., Vicor Trading (Shanghai), Ltd., Mission Power Solutions, Vicor Japan Company Ltd., Inc, Northwest Power, Inc., VICR Securities Corporation, Vicor France SARL, Vicor B.V., Vicor Italy SRL, Vicor Development Corporation, Converpower Corporation, and Freedom Power Systems.

How Many Employees Does Vicor have?

Currently, Vicor employs just over 1000 employees, with approximately $280,000 USD per employee.

Where is Vicor Located?

The Vicor Corporation is still headquartered at 25 Frontage Road, Andover MA, USA; however, their global reach includes offices and manufacturing capabilities nationally in California, Rhode Island, Texas, Illinois, and Oregon, and internationally in China, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and the U.K. 

Their extensive network of offices allows their highly trained force of Field Applications Engineers to serve customers globally. This specialized and dedicated staff gives Vicor a unique edge while providing solutions to their existing and potential future clients. 

Not only a force in design and engineering, but Vicor is also committed to providing world-class customer service to its diverse, international customer base. 

What Does the Vicor Company Do? 

Vicor’s core competence is in the design and production of power systems for the conversion of electrical power and modular power components, focusing on high-end and high-power performance. 

Their products serve a worldwide customer base ranging from more minor, niche manufacturers of specialized electronic equipment to much larger original design manufacturers (ODMs) and original equipment manufacturers (ODMs). 

The Vicor Corporation includes an Advanced Products division dedicated to clients in the hyperscalar, data center areas of large-scale enterprise computing. These highly specialized products supply voltage distribution on computer motherboards in high-reliability data center environments, in server racks, military and defense electronic equipment, solid-state lighting applications, aviation and aerospace, autonomous driving and E.V. components, industrial automation equipment, rail, transport, and test/instrumentation equipment. 

The Vicor Brick Products division provides further specialization within the fields of defense, aerospace, transportation, defense electronics, and industrial equipment. 

All the company’s power components use Vicor’s proprietary automated processes during their manufacture at their ISO 9001:2015 registered industrial facility in Andover, MA, USA.

Another area of high competency in a specialized field is designing and producing stringent ISO 9001: 2015 compliant computerized calibration systems for measuring, testing, and inspection equipment. Vicor ensures that every instrument calibrated using their systems will have an attached label to clearly show gauge I.D. numbers, technician I.D., the date of the most recent calibration, together with the due date for the next calibration.

Vicor Product Catalog

AC-DC Equipment 

  • A.C. Front End Module AC-DC PCB-mounted solutions
  • AIM AC input filter and rectifier for PFMs in a VIA package
  • ARM Autoranging rectifier module for VI-200/VI-J00
  • PFM™ Single-phase AC-DC converter components
  • EnModsSingle-phase AC front end system 
  • TPM3-phase AC input module
  • FARMAutoranging rectifier module for Mini, Maxi, Micro
  • HAMActive PFC module


DC-DC Equipment

  • DC-DC Isolated Regulated Converters
  • DC-DC input filters
  • DC-DC Non-Isolated Fixed Ratio Converters
  • Isolated Fixed-Ratio DC-DC Converter Modules
  • Isolated Fixed-Ratio DC-DC Converter Modules


MIL-COTS Equipment

  • MIL-COTS MPRM™ and MVTM™ Rugged factorized power solutions
  • MIL-COTS DCM™ Rugged high power converters for 28V and 270V line inputs
  • MI-200™ / MI-J00™ DC-DC Converters
  • MIL-COTS MFM™Input filter module for DCMs
  • MIL-COTS Maxi, Mini, Micro DC-DC Converters
  • MIL-COTS High-Voltage BCM® Bus Converter
  • MIL-COTS MI-AIMRugged AC input filter and rectifier for MI-2xxxx/MI-Jxxxx
  • MIL-COTS ZVS Buck Regulators
  • MIL-COTS ZVS Buck-Boost Regulators 
  • MIL-COTS MFM™Input filter module for DCMs 
  • MIL-COTS M-FIAM™Rugged input filter module for Mini, Maxi, Micro
  • MIL-COTS MI-IAM™Rugged input filter module for MI-200/MI-J00
  • QPIActive EMI filter modules


Other Specialized Products

  • VITA-62 compliant power converters
  • Heat Sinks for VIA (3414) Modules
  • SMT Polymer Capacitors
  • Power Inductors
  • SurfMate Surface-mount Sockets for Vicor Maxi Modules
  • Standoffs for Solder Mounted Maxi, Mini, & Micro Modules
  • 115/230 Autoranging Input Connectors for the VIPAC Power System 
  • Current Share Boards for Vicor supplies using VI-200 and VI-J00 modules
  • Current Share Boards for Vicor supplies using Maxi, Mini or Micro modules
  • Module EMI shielding 
  • Terminal Blocks for VI-200 size module
  • Terminal Blocks for VI-J00 size module
  • Signal Connector for BCM and DCM Chassis-Mount VIAs
  • I/O Mating Connectors for FlatPAC
  • Connection Kits for Holdup Box (HUB) Mating
  • Connector Kits for MegaPAC Family
  • Bus Bars for MegaPAC
  • Connectors for PFC Font End
  • Connectors for For VIPAC Power System
  • Fuses
  • MOVs

What are Vicor Power Applications?

Vicor is a critical player in the design and production of highly specialized electronic components with a wide spectrum of applications across a broad range of industries. These include defense and aerospace, automotive and rail, communications, computing, LED panels, robotics, industrial equipment, and automation, UAVs, satellite and space technology. 

If you require any further information about Vicor’s product range or if you would like to make an order, contact us today.

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