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William D. Mensch Jr. founded Western Design Center in 1978, one of the pioneers for designing and licensing microprocessor technology. WDC has now granted licenses for more than 60 companies, empowering brands and building credibility for its official distributors. The company specializes in 65xx brand microprocessor Intellectual Property Core Technology and was the first to license it in 1981.


Products Offered by an Authorized Western Design Center Distributor

The variety of its products includes a range of CMOS 65xx microprocessor families of both GDSII Hard Cores and Verilog RTL Soft Cores. It also offers Integrated Circuits (Chips) for microcontrollers & micro peripherals and the Mensch Computer, a robust technological reference design that uses WDC chips. In addition, WDC also has Hardware Tools for board platforms development and Software Tools (WDCTools) – an online platform exclusive for products that use WDC 65xx processors.  

The company is compelling and has already built its integrity in the industry. With the help of its recognitions and licenses, WDC products can replace obsolete electronic parts. 


The following are a list of Western Design Center’s Cores and Chips:

  • W65C02S 8-bit Microprocessor (MPU)
  • W65C816S 8/16–bit Microprocessor (MPU)
  • W65C134S 8–bit Microcontroller (MCU)
  • W65C265S 8/16–bit Microcontroller (MCU)
  • W65C21S 8-bit Peripheral Interface Adapter (PIA)
  • W65C22S 8/16-bit Versatile Interface Adapter (VIA)
  • W65C51S Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA)

Authorized Western Design Center Distributor Product Classifications

WDC’s 65xx technology core application has two classifications: Consumer (TV Toys and Personal Video Player) and Automotive for TDK – Micronas. The company also provides for other prominent companies of different industries: 

  • Mark of the unicorn (MOTUR) – music software and audio recording technology
  • Automation and Electronics – industrial electrical design & build contractor
  • Aeroflex – aerospace, defense, and broadband communications
  • Metaltronica – mammography instruments 


There is more for you to discover from this remarkable company as it also has free provisions to the market from tools, assistance, and guide kits. WDC has been in the business for more than four decades and can quickly reach its customers worldwide through its website and official distributors. 



You may BD Electronics today, an authorized Western Design Center distributor for more information and assistance on WDC products.

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