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Winchester Interconnect, established in 1941, is a frontrunner within the design, improvement, and deployment of interconnecting know-how globally. Winchester designs and manufactures all kinds of PCB, RF, Power, and Fiber Optic connectors, in addition to value-added cable and electromechanical assemblies. With Kings® RF Connectors and Bomar Connectors’ acquisitions, they’ve expanded their technological capabilities and broadened their market base. Winchester’s advantage is its capacity to resolve technical interconnect issues, deploy the solutions globally to fulfill the client’s manufacturing demand, and provide proper supply chain management techniques that bring value by high-mix/low-volume manufacturing expertise. Winchester Electronics is a useful extension to our buyer’s product improvement resources, quickly presenting high-quality interconnect options. With years of connector engineering and manufacturing experience, Winchester Electronics will help your company preserve its edge by offering engineered options and top-quality products constructed to stringent specs.

Bomar Interconnect Products, Inc., a number one producer of high-quality connectors and equipment for voice, data, and broadcast transmission, launched the V-Bite RF Connector in PCB Mount BNC, Twin BNC, Mini-BNC, and TNC kinds along with the unique PCB Mount “F.”

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