Murata Power Solutions – All About AC-DC Power Supplies

Murata Power Solutions – All About AC-DC Power Supplies


Murata Power Solutions develops, produces, and supplies DC-DC Power Converters, AC-DC Power Supplies, Magnetics, Digital Panel Meters, and Open Compute Infrastructure Solution product lines in customized, standard, and modified-standard forms. Murata products are employed in electronic applications that serve major global market segments, including telecommunications, computation, industrial automation, healthcare, power management, and others.

The company’s DC-DC converter product portfolio comprises a full spectrum of highly engineered isolated board mount energy and non-isolated juncture, as well as non-isolated DC/DC conversions for CPU and memory applications. Improved performance and high power density front-end modules for distributed power systems, as well as industry-standard open frame and u-channel power solutions, are among the standard and specialized AC-DC products.

What is an AC-DC Power Supply?

An AC-DC power supply, in essence, transforms one type of electricity (AC – “alternating current”) into DC – “direct current.” Unfortunately, most people use electrical equipment that requires both forms of electricity every day.

For example, your automobile requires a 12v DC power supply to run. However, an AC electrical supply provides the main power to households and businesses. You’ll occasionally need to convert AC to DC, which is why you’ll need an AC-DC power supply.

What is AC power?

AC, or Alternating Current, is the electrical grid’s most common power delivered to households and workplaces. It gets its name from the waveform that electrons take. The current can sometimes reverse and alter magnitude.

The voltage and frequency of alternating current (AC) electricity vary by area; for example, the United States utilizes 120 volts at a frequency of 60 hertz. Across the Atlantic, the United Kingdom operates 230 volts at 50 hertz.

Because alternating current runs in waves, it can go much further than direct current, which is why it is utilized in electrical grid systems worldwide. While many electrical types of equipment operate on alternating current (AC), others must be converted to direct current (DC).

What is DC power?

DC, or direct current, is another form of energy employed in various applications. Unlike in AC, electrons in DC electricity follow a straight route. As a result, electrical equipment such as batteries, solar and fuel cells, and alternators use DC power rather than AC.

One advantage of DC power over AC power is the consistent voltage supply to electrical equipment. However, one downside of DC power is that it can only travel small distances, making it unsuitable for use in the electrical grid.

Because of the ‘clean’ power transmission, most electronic devices demand DC electricity. But, of course, mains energy is supplied as AC power. Thus an AC-DC power supply transforms the electricity into DC power.

How does an AC-DC power supply work?

Today’s electronic devices require an AC-DC power source. They come in various forms, including external adapters that plug into laptop computers and internal converters found in anything from DVD players to medical devices.

The design settings of each AC-DC power supply will vary, but the fundamental concepts will stay the same. An AC-DC power supply, for example, will have one or more converters, rectifier diodes, and filters.

Transformers are electrical devices that allow electricity to be transferred from one circuit to the other. Their function in an AC-DC power supply is to increase or decrease reference voltage as needed to deliver a consistent stream of DC electricity to a device.

Rectifiers take alternating current electricity from a source (such as mains power) and convert it to direct current electricity.

The Main Types of  Murata Power Solutions AC-DC Power Supplies

Several alternatives are available for choosing an AC-DC power supply that meets your needs. Electrical technology advancements have enabled compact AC-DC power sources to suit even the most complex requirements. With that in mind, how do you pick the best one?

There are three types of AC-DC power supplies to consider; the one you require will ultimately be determined by your application and power conversion requirements:

AC-DC Power Supply Adapters

Almost everyone has seen an adapter-style AC-DC power supply called an “AC Adapter.” They are utilized in various applications, including laptop computers, computer displays, TVs, and other consumer and business devices.

External power sources are often housed in a small, sealed container for safety and aesthetic reasons. If you want to convert AC power to DC for portable devices or residential and business equipment, you may require an adapter-style AC-DC power supply.

Murata Power Solutions develops and produces AC adapters with output powers ranging from 10W to 330W and voltages ranging from 5V to 54V.

Their AC adapters are suitable for mini-ITX PCs, laptops, POS and PoE systems, integrated devices, displays and televisions, printers, and communication devices.

Open Frame Power Supplies

When the AC-DC power supply parts are mounted on a circuit board without a protective cage or enclosure, it is referred to as an open-frame power supply. The enclosure of the electrical equipment usually provides physical protection.

An open-frame power supply is the default solution for AC-DC conversion applications. They’re prevalent for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Customization – Pen frame power supply can be quickly installed conveniently and securely within any electrical device’s casing.
  • Murata Power Solutions manufactures open-frame power supplies in two-inch by four-inch and three-inch by five-inch form factors. They can also make open-frame power supplies based on your designs and specifications.
  • Wattage and voltage choices – Murata Power Solution’s open frame power supplies range from 30W to 450W and output voltage from 5V to 54V (including 12V+54V).

Industrial Power Supplies

Both adapters and open-frame power supplies are ideal for low-power purposes, but what happens when you have an industrial PC with much more demanding electrical specifications for AC-DC conversion?

To achieve such requirements, you should focus your search on the industrial PC power supply. They are AC-DC power supply solutions designed exclusively for PCs used in industrial applications, with several wattage options.

Each industrial PC power supply unit is developed with high reliability and power density in mind. The solutions provided by Murata Power Solutions comply with IEC 62368 and IEC 60950 safety requirements.

Where to Buy Murata Power Solutions AC-DC Power Supplies

Murata Power Solutions provides a wide variety of AC-DC Power Supply options. However, if you want to work with a leading manufacturer in the power supply business, Global Power Technologies is a wonderful choice.

Murata Power Solutions products are available in bulk from vendors and distributors worldwide. However, BD Electronics is the top power supply distributor if you want the best supplier services from order to delivery.

Please send us a message for more information on Murata Power Solutions products. Our sales team will be in touch with you promptly.

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