Murata Power Solutions – Digital Panel Meter Applications

Murata Power Solutions – Digital Panel Meter Applications

Digital Panel Meters

Any industry that wants to monitor or regulate equipment must use panel meters. Depending on the product’s specs, these tools let you view the signal’s analog or digital value. In addition, you can get complex features like alarms and data transfer through many media with current panel meters. 

Working Concept of Digital Panel Meters

The basic concept of a digital panel meter is straightforward. First, a voltage sample is extracted from the signal, and a visual representation is generated. Measuring the voltage sample across the load is most accurate because the voltage measurements are usually obtained in a series configuration. 

Typically, digital meters read input signals and show them on a screen. The signal is generated by a sensor, which digitizes the input before displaying it as a variable. The meters can be employed for several purposes, including managing temperature, pressure, and other variables.

Murata Power Solutions Digital Panel Meter 

Monitoring motor current is frequently done with panel meters. Systems requiring pumping or fanning are ideal for industrial-grade Murata Power Solutions Digital Panel Meters motors. Murata Power Solution Digital Panel Meters have particular line specifications that guarantee top performance. For instance, a blocked filter can cause a rise in fan resistance, which, if ignored, can cause several issues, most notably a shutdown. Alternatively, a broken belt may cause a decrease in motor output current, which needs to be fixed immediately to improve performance. Voltage and current measurements made with transformers can be seen on a panel meter.

Decision Making with Digital Panel Meters 

Modern variants are just one of the fantastic possibilities that users of digital panel meters have. There are various options, but they frequently result in more challenging choices due to different requirements and factors. The second important choice is to employ a liquid crystal display or a light-emitting diode, depending on the meter precision needed.

For outdoor/daylight applications requiring low power consumption, liquid crystal displays (LCDs) have traditionally been a natural choice. However, due to the more recent production changes in LEDs and significantly more energy-efficient LED displays, it is challenging to decide between LCDs and LEDs for some applications.

LED Displays

LED displays are advantageous for many panel-meter applications because they offer better viewing angles. They are also simpler to read from a distance. LEDs are more resilient than LCDs. However, when the temperature goes below 0°C (32°F), their response time slows down. With this technology, the old data will continue to appear sporadically even after the display has been refreshed with the new data. The reaction time of invisible LEDs is impacted even at -20°C temperatures.

LCD Displays

Always use an LCD panel meter to interpret digital meter readings in bright sunlight. This is because it is impossible to supply the display with proper shading under this scenario. Even the newest, bright red LEDs rapidly bleach out when viewed in direct sunshine. However, these brilliant LEDs become visible when applying hoods or other shading tools. Backlit LCD screens are an excellent option if you want to utilize your meter in both low and high light. 

Portable Applications

LCD meters are used in moveable items that operate using a battery supply that requires uninterrupted operation. Murata Power Solutions now has a selection of low-power LED panel meters that drain less current (10mA) from a single +5V power supply. Murata Power Solutions low-powered LED models to have the “RL” suffix appointed at the end of the part number, consisting of red displays. The DMS-20PC-RL has a display enable attribute that allows users to darken or dim the LEDs’ brightness if the display’s continuous operation is not essential. The meter’s current drain is less than 0.5mA in the dark mode and uses just 7mA even at maximum brightness. These meters are available in two resolutions of 3½ and 4½ digits and are only available from Murata Power Solutions! 

About Murata Power Solutions LEDs and LCDs used in Digital Panel Meter 

Murata Power Solutions manufactures backlit, dependable, long-lasting LEDs, illuminate LCD meters, and more. Your meter will be trustworthy and survive for a long time because these LEDs have a long lifespan. Add the “B” suffix to your model number to get a backlit meter. 

Transflective displays are a feature of all backlit LCD meters. Black reflective displays offer a stunning and legible display, making them ideal for gadgets without illumination. However, the low-power attraction of LCD meters may suffer from backlighting. Backlit LCD meters from Murata Power Solutions often consume less power than non-backlit LCD meters. You can significantly lessen the drainage of your illuminated model by using current-limiting series resistors. You may typically discover a solution to produce a practical backlighting effect that is proportionately dimmer by selecting an appropriate compromise. 

Murata Power Solutions

About Murata Power Solutions 

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