netCOMPONENTS Electronic Parts Sourcing Engine

Electronics component search engines have made electronic component sourcing easy for purchasing managers. Top search engines like netCOMPONENTS, findchips, IC Source, The Broker Forum, and Octopart have helpful features and functions like the Google of electronic parts.

These components of search engines offer integrations that help users in their search. An example of such integrations is Octopart’s BOM tool. Another great feature these electronic parts search engines provide is access to their manufacturer-distributor marketplace with millions of unique part numbers.

netCOMPONENTS, like similar search engines, also offer unique features for electronic purchasing managers. This article will review, the top features of this component search engine, and some frequently asked questions about the website.


What is netCOMPONENTS?

netCOMPONENTS is a marketplace for electronic component sourcing. The search engine connects buyers and suppliers in a direct and vendor-neutral marketplace, making it a leading destination for electronic component sourcing and procurement.

Like similar search engines, the netCOMPONENTS electronic components database offers millions of unique part numbers and product lines. You can also get product datasheets and price information.

The database contains information on millions of active, passive, electromechanical, and other electronic components that mount on printed circuit boards (board-level electronic components), such as integrated circuits (ICs), semiconductors, diodes, transistors, memories, microprocessors, capacitors, resistors, switches, relays, connectors, and more.

Since its inception in 1997, the netCOMPONENTS multilingual website has enabled buyers to source and purchase electronic components. As a result, users can trade in a direct, unbiased, and vendor-neutral environment. 

Members can deal directly with the supplier(s) because netCOMPONENTS disclose the supplier’s name and contact information (non-anonymous) on each line item.


netCOMPONENTS Review for Electronic Component Sourcing

How does netCOMPONENTS work? Now that you understand the concept of netCOMPONENTS, let’s review some top features and benefits of the search engine.



  • Datasheet Locator

Netcomponents offers platform members a free datasheet locator tool. The tool is straightforward to use, and you can simply select the electronic component manufacturer of choice. This will automatically redirect you to the chosen manufacturer’s datasheet page.

  • Currency Converter

Another feature of the netcomponents search engine is its currency converter. Members can use this tool to convert currency and transact with other users worldwide.

  • Language Translator

The language translator tool also makes the marketplace convenient for members worldwide. 



  • Buyer Membership

Membership on netCOMPONENTS gives electronic purchasing managers access to an extensive electronic components database. The platform also offers a secure yet user-friendly website environment.

The netCOMPONENTS website is chock-full of valuable tools for professional sourcing electronic components and procurement needs. Some of these tools are discussed above.

Members can view information about the suppliers holding the listed line items by clicking on their names after performing a part search, including whether they are authorized, the languages they speak, the localized time, who they sell to, payment methods, payment terms, minimum order, and, of course, how to contact them.

The following are the perks and benefits of the netCOMPONENTS buyer membership;

  1. Part number search
  2. Unlimited locations and users
  3. Filtered search (region, authorized suppliers, manufacturer datasheet, supplier quality indicator)
  4. Supplier quality rating system
  5. Shopping cart link to supplier
  6. Multilingual messaging system
  7. Part alerts
  8. Escrow

  • netCOMPONENTS Membership Fee

Netcomponents membership fee depends on registering as a supplier, a buyer, or a manufacturer. Each membership has its perks and benefits. Additional fees may apply for some functionalities. 

  • Supplier Membership

netCOMPONENTS supplier membership gives stocking distributors and other businesses having inventory for sale access to market themselves to buyers worldwide. Component suppliers can receive qualified Requests for Quotes (RFQs), accept Purchase Orders (POs), gain new customers, and enhance sales volume. 

In addition, the netCOMPONENTS website facilitates the development of new and existing partnerships between members and suppliers by encouraging direct communication. Because netCOMPONENTS does not promote mass e-mailings, each RFQ that a supplier receives is personalized.

Although distributors are the most common sellers on netCOMPONENTS, OEMs/CEMs sell excess stock, and component manufacturers offer factory stock that wouldn’t ordinarily sell through distribution.

The followings are some perks and benefits of netCOMPONENTS supplier membership;

  1. List inventory 
  2. Unlimited locations and users 
  3. Receive qualified/targeted RFQs and POs
  4. Multi-Lingual Messaging System to receive RFQs and POs from members 
  5. netCOMPONENTS Escrow

  • Component Manufacturers Membership

The Distributor Inventory Locator Program, developed exclusively for component manufacturers by netCOMPONENTS, is a custom-designed solution (DILPsm). Since 1997, netCOMPONENTS has been creating and implementing specialized DILPsm solutions for the electronics sector and is regarded as a global pioneer.


Advertising & Sponsored Live Part Search

netCOMPONENTS has banner advertising programs for electronic component buyers, supply chain managers, procurement professionals, and electronic engineers on sites published by netCOMPONENTS.


How Do I Sell on netCOMPONENTS?

To become a registered seller on netCOMPONENTS, there are some requirements you must fulfill. These membership requirements on netCOMPONENTS are to verify and validate the identity of all members and make the platform more secure for users.

  • Your company must have been in business for at least two years and is an OEM or CEM.
  • Verifiable company information, including company email and website URL

Alternatives to Sourcing Electronic Components With Component Search Engines

While netCOMPONENTS and other online electronic component search engines are great for sourcing components, there are some disadvantages. For instance, it may be difficult to verify which marketplace distributor is genuine.

The ERAI website announced a scam with numerous of these platforms due to the number of unverified sellers and distributors. In cases like this, you may need to rethink using online electronic components search engines.


BD Electronics for Electronics Component Sourcing

As an alternative to using netcomponents and other electronic part search engines, independent distributors like BD Electronics offer help in your component search. BD Electronics is dedicated to helping customers discover the parts they need.  

With over 1 million different part numbers and collaborations with top manufacturers worldwide, BD Electronics is helping electronics purchasing managers get the components they need in record time.

For users looking for a part number, the BD Electronics website offers simplicity and convenience of use. You can also set your ideal pricing for components on the website. In addition, you may request a datasheet and a component pricing comparison.

BD Electronics can assist you in locating any part number or quantity that you require. So send us your part specifications, and we’ll help you get started.

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