Netsol – What is the best SRAM?

We struck it again! BD Electronics Ltd warmly welcomes our latest partner Netsol – the “Small Giant Company of Korea” with the best SRAM technology. Netsol is a fabless memory semiconductor design house in South Korea, developing and marketing non-commodity memory products with a high standard of quality and reliability. BD Electronics Ltd has become their most recent European distributor.

Being a professional in designing and manufacturing SRAM, Netsol brings a Korean reputation in electronics and industrial manufacturing worldwide. The company’s wide range of products includes Async Fast SRAM, Low Power SRAM, Sync SRAM, Quadruple/DDR SRAM, and SLC NAND Flash.

Regarding quality, it is BD Electronics Ltd’s mission to deliver top-quality products to our dear customers. Entering this strategic partnership with Netsol, we are confident to distribute state-of-the-art SRAMs certified ISO 9001:2008, in which for 36M SYNC SRAM 11, Netsol has achieved Patent License Agreement with Samsung, an international giant in technology.

Netsol has been recognized for its high speed, low latency, and low power consumption memory design by many clients in industrial, commercial, and communications sectors.

The background of Netsol’s presence is based on the convergence trend of the memory business. The role of memory suppliers would be separated into two groups. The first group will support mass commodity products like DDR3/4 DRAMs, multi-level-cell NAND Flash, and memories for smart mobile gadgets and must follow the economies of scale. Meanwhile, the other group would be responsible for providing long term support of legacy memory products and special featured Niche memories.

BD Electronics Ltd believes that this non-commodity memory provider will contribute to our customers’ stable supply chain management. With the partnership with Netsol, we can now provide to the world the great technology of SRAM made by this South Korean Small giant with our trademarked prompt service of BD Electronics: professional consultation, reasonable price, and customized delivery.

Customers can find all Netsol’s product lines on BD Electronics’ website – To buy Netsol SRAM, Click here. Of course, apart from SRAM products from Netsol, there is a wide range of electronics available at BD Electronics from all reputable brands, no matter how obsolete they are. Moreover, we are proud to distribute electronics from the authorized partner brands. To buy electronic components, please visit our Product site.

BD Electronics Ltd team looks forward to a great future of memory technology advancement with Netsol as our strategic partner. Our Product manager Stephanie Borg expressed: “Netsol is our very first partner manufacturer who specializes in memory technology such as SRAM products. Their experience and professionalism are well demonstrated by the SRAM of great finesse with high standard certifications. We are content to have Netsol’s products to further complete our online shopping website and our service to worldwide customers from various industries.”.

For more information, inquiries, quote requests, don’t hesitate to contact BD Electronics Ltd via our contact website, phone number +356 7711 5063, and email [email protected]

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