Obsolete Electronic Chip Distributors in America

Obsolete Electronic Chip Distributors in America


The rate at which technology changes is incredibly high. And with a growing inventory of obsolete electronics, businesses are at a loss regarding what exactly to do with them. Ignoring and simply storing the equipment is not an option, as this will cost your company money no matter where or how the obsolete electronics components are being held.


Obsolete Electronic Chip Distributors


What Are Obsolete Electronic Components?

Obsolete electronics are components no longer supported by the manufacturer who made them, as they are believed to have reached the end of their technically-supported lifespan.  

The manufacturers tend to cease supporting that model or product line, and the value of the obsolete electronics, such as printed circuit boards (PCBs), inevitably becomes too low to be resold on the secondary market.

However, the equipment may still function properly in many instances and still have some residual value. 

In these cases, electronic distributors take hold of these components and sell them at a reasonable price, helping customers get the best return on their investment.


What Are Electronic Component Distributors?

Electronic component distributors are critical elements of the electronic supply chain, helping electronic chip manufacturers by allowing them to buy the necessary components and schedule deliveries. Furthermore, electronic component distributors provide valuable services such as introducing new parts, which is vital for development and manufacturing companies looking for the latest components.


Who Is the Biggest Electronic Components Distributor?

Out of hundreds and thousands of electronic components distributors, some have placed themselves at the top of the chain, offering customers the most innovative solutions with high-quality components. So, if you find yourself wondering, “who is the biggest electronic components distributor?” check out below.

WAGO Corp.

Founded in Minden in 1951, WAGO Corp. supplies innovative and advanced connection systems in electrical engineering and electronics. Precisely designed and manufactured, spring-loaded connections guarantee a faster and easier connection and offer a higher safety level since the contact quality is mainly independent of operator skill. 

Thanks to its innovative and state-of-the-art technical solutions, WAGO is the leading specialist in spring clamp termination technology and provides excellent quality components for automation technology.


Who Is the Largest Semiconductor Distributor?

Before we dive into the top obsolete electronic chip distributors in America, we should first begin by talking about the largest and most successful semiconductor distributor in America.

Future Electronics

Founded in 1968, Future Electronics is one of the largest electronic distributors of semiconductors, including discrete transistors, integrated circuits, and field-emitter transistors. It has 5,000 employees working in 169 offices in 44 different countries and an excellent IT infrastructure to maintain real-time inventory availability, fully integrating its operations. Although the company is headquartered in London, it has offices in the United States.

With its comprehensive range of electronic components and services, Future Electronics is considered one of the most reliable obsolete electronic chip distributors of electronic components, receiving high customer ratings and ranking number one in recent surveys by EBN.

Thanks to its strong supply chain, technical knowledge, and competitive pricing, it successfully overcomes supply chain disruptions and challenges, maintaining its competitive edge.


Top Obsolete Electronic Chip Distributors in America


4 Star Electronics

Established in 2001, 4 Star Electronics is an independent stocking distributor of board-level electronic components.

Its products are inspected based on current industry standards and are further performed in-house at its ANSI/ESD S20.20 certified lab. It also holds various certifications and has been recognized as one of the industry leaders for its counterfeit mitigation program.

In addition, 4 Star Electronics has developed a unique global part search utility, providing instant access to its entire inventory network. For example, suppose the required parts are not in the ready-to-ship inventory. In that case, 4 Star Electronics offers access to over 100 million items from its trusted vendor network comprising manufacturers, franchise distributors, OEM/CM excess inventory, independent distributors, and approved global sources.

Tru-Tronics International

Found in 1997, Tru-Tronics International has emerged as a leader in assisting purchasing departments with their board-level component needs. 

It is registered with the Department of Defense and has a military cage code, enabling it to serve the needs of military contractors, subcontractors, and OEMs. In addition, Tru-Tronics provides research and development of existing circuitry. As a result, it can provide you with possible replacement parts or alternate solutions for your current circuit board, such as giving an entire kit, whether the part has become obsolete or if you are looking to save costs.

In addition, Tru-Tronics sales representatives are always there to help you with your purchasing needs, whether that is solving problems with shortages, factory allocation, or obsolete or discontinued parts.

NetSource Technology

Founded in 1997, NetSource Technology is one of the largest obsolete electronic chip distributors of electronic components and global procurement services, providing comprehensive supply chain solutions to contract manufacturers and OEMs.

Moreover, NetSource is a full-service supplier that supports customers throughout the complete supply chain lifecycle. It leverages its extensive range of trusted suppliers to stock obsolete and current components depending on changing customer demands. 

It is backed by a global team of highly experienced and dedicated professionals and a vast onsite inventory with only brand-new products from many in-demand obsolete electronic chip manufacturers.

Hybrid Electronics

Based in Florida, Hybrid Electronics is a global specialist in electronic components distribution, utilizing a wide network of component suppliers by implementing a competitive sourcing strategy for non-stocked items, such as chips, saving you time & money.

Purchasing thousands of components from equipment and electronic chip manufacturers and sub-contractors with monthly excess inventory, Hybrid Electronics can stock over 500,000 parts and access over 50 million components.

In addition to its sourcing and excess stock services, it offers services in electrical testing, solderability testing, product programming, tape & reeling, up screening, re-tinning, decapsulation/counterfeit detection, and ROHS Compliance.

Hybrid Electronics can serve multiple industries, such as aerospace, industrial, or military, with multiple beneficial services for their electronic component sourcing needs and excess stock issues.

It further reduces the risks of production slowdowns, work stoppages, and costs involved with logistics through bom analysis, assisting customers who wish to consolidate their procurement on large and small bills of materials. This is especially helpful when a project requires procurement through distribution channels.

Spectrum Control

Headquartered in Pennsylvania, Spectrum Control is one of the biggest and most successful obsolete electronic chip distributors specializing in the electromagnetic spectrum, providing rugged, reliable, and efficient components, subsystems, and custom solutions. Its products help make the invisible electromagnetic spectrum visible and controllable with its industry-leading capabilities.

Spectrum Control has acquired this success by merging synergistic companies and operating divisions to address market opportunities and fill gaps in its product line. As a result, today’s Spectrum Control comprises more than 40 businesses and product groups.

It has engineering centers, manufacturing facilities, and support offices in the United States, Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, and Germany. In addition, it has sales and support teams located regionally around the world.

IC Digital Electronics, Inc.

Based in New York, IC Digital Electronics Inc. is a global obsolete electronic chip distributor. It stocks thousands of chips, such as semiconductors and integrated circuits.

Its experienced team of entrepreneurs providing an extensive range of solutions and a vast network of reliable suppliers and OEM excess inventories allows it to identify the areas needing improvement by delivering customized solutions for each client.



In this article, we have seen the top obsolete electronic chip distributors in America. Across 50 states, multiple electronic distributors have the means to cater to your technical problems with the highest-quality products. And the list above can significantly help you step in the right direction.

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