An Overview of Xsens’ MVN Reports

An Overview of Xsens’ MVN Reports


Xsens has developed a world-leading motion capture technology that provides fast, easy, and reliable automated reports. Generated by its new MotionCloud platform, an effective and efficient cloud-based system, MVN Reports enable you to create automated reports for Health, Sports, and Ergonomics by presenting accurate and highly-complex movement data in simple and accessible information. As a result, health specialists, physiotherapists, and ergonomic consultants are provided with the maximum performance to deliver the most objective and easily attainable data in a systematic manner while still having an amplitude of time left.

Without technical expertise in data scripting and reporting, which take ample time, the Xsens’ MotionCloud platform provides automatic reporting of relevant data in as little as two minutes. All reports consist of graphs and a digital recording of a 3D avatar that showcases the patient’s movements. 

Captured by the Xsens systems, this motion data is automatically generated on the Xsens MotionCloud platform, explicitly tailored to every user’s respective industry. This way, practitioners can improve their comprehension of a patient’s physical health through valuable data, offering supervision based on objective information rather than on insubstantial figures.

Xsens MotionCloud platform contains two report bundles, namely the RULA Report bundle for ergonomics and the Gait Analysis bundle for physiotherapists, with the potential to expand to multiple reports in the future. For instance, since the Gait Analysis studies human movement, specified data, such as spatial and temporal parameters, is needed for its completion. With Automatic Reporting, such parameters will instantly be displayed, not requiring any extra work on behalf of the user. 

Regarding ergonomics, for a researcher to complete a RULA report accurately, rather than relying on the information provided by the analysis of a 2D video, they can see all of the relevant data parameters with a 3D avatar being used as a visual aid. The users can also estimate joint angles without the need to assemble a frame-by-frame analysis. These can also be downloaded as PDFs and spreadsheets, making them even easier to obtain and analyze.


MVN Reports in Different Industries 

As previously mentioned, MVN reports can be tailored to different industries by providing specific and informative data to its users, comprising the needs and demands of both the professionals and the patients. Therefore, if you want to contribute and be a part of this next-generation health check-up, the following sections will explain each report’s function in different sectors.

MVN Reports in Health

With the Xsens cloud-based platform, full-body health setups for each session can be done in as little as 5 minutes. If you are not going to do an entire body scan, the time becomes even less with the Gait Analysis. Already used by more than 500 universities, the Xsens system ensures highly accurate data and, thus, objective assessment.

The data and parameters you get in the report are as the following:

  • Spatial Parameters
  • Temporal Parameters
  • General parameters (i.e., Steps, Cadence, and Distance)
  • Automatic Gait Cycle Detection
  • Gait Graphs Visualization
  • Joint Angles, Center of Mass, and Acceleration
  • 3D Visualization of recording

MVN Reports in Ergonomics

Xsens’ portable system helps you record ergonomic assessments anywhere you are. Due to its magnetic immunity, you can use it in factory settings with high amounts of surrounding metal, unlike the IMU-based Motion Capture systems, which can be highly challenging to use in such environments. Its magnetic immunity, therefore, is crucial, enabling it to function wherever and in any condition. In addition, with the RULA report, you can do your measurements on the go within just a few minutes.

The data and parameters you get in the report are as the following:

  • Automated calculation for every frame
  • Export data from a specific frame
  • Neck, Trunk, and Leg Analysis
  • Arm and Wrist Analysis
  • Specifying load, support, and muscle use
  • RULA score and risk factor
  • 3D Visualization of recording

MVN Reports in Sports

Analyzing and determining an athlete’s performance to see how it can be enhanced or whether they have a high risk of injury has never been more manageable with 3D Motion Capture. You can do your analysis within just a few minutes with the sports-specific MVN Agility Reports. In addition, the Xsens portable system can be used anytime and anywhere to track athletes on the field rather than perform tests in a lab.

The data and parameters you get in the report are as the following:

  • Joint Angles, Peak Arm Distance, Center of Mass, and Torso Angular Velocity
  • Applicability for multiple Agility tests
  • Histogram visualization
  • Symmetry visualization
  • Visualization of parameters over time
  • 3D Visualization of recording

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