BD Electronics Ltd is a Franchise Distributor for Diotec, Hongju, Rampow and iVANKY.

Diotec Semiconductor AG was founded in Heitersheim, Germany, in 1973. From the outset, the company specialized in the production of diodes and rectifiers and became a known European brand. BD Electronics is a Diotec authorized distributor.

Hongju Electronics Co.,Ltd was formed in 1998 in Shenzhen, China. They are a professional manufacturer of Electronic Switches, Fuse Holders and Power sockets. BD Electronics is a Hongju authorized distributor as of 2020.

Built by a young team in Shenzhen. That is one of the top phone accessories brands, it focus on providing high-valued digital products, creating happy digital experience for our customers. In 2020 BD Electronics became an RAMPOW authorized distributor.

iVANKY, one A/V accessories brand on the rise, found in 2015, which is committing to taking Audio&Visual experience via high-qualified products. Until now, we already be widely popular in European market, iVANKY serves over 8 millions customers in the the past 5 years. In 2020 BD Electronics became an iVANKY authorized distributor.

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