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Fiber optic cables are transmission mediums frequently employed in Cable Assemblies. It is made of optically pure glass or plastic, which allows for transmitting high-speed data via light pulses, while the cladding layer, which surrounds the core, guarantees that the light signals remain inside the core. These cables demonstrate higher bandwidth capacities, resilience to electromagnetic interference, and longer transmission distances when compared to copper cables. Fiber optic cables are used in data centers, internet connectivity, video transmission, and imaging devices for medical use. 

Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cables

Single-Mode Fiber Optic Cables

Single-mode fiber optic cables have a small core diameter, allowing only one light mode to propagate through the core. They are produced using a method called modified chemical vapor deposition. These cables have many applications as cable assemblies in telecommunication networks and high-speed internet connections for long-distance, high-bandwidth data transmission.  

Single-mode fibers have lower signal attenuation and dispersion than multimode cables, enabling data to travel much greater distances. Buy from BD Electronics, the leading European distributor, providing comprehensive support and high-quality products for various fiber optic cable needs at the best price. With BD Electronics as your partner, expect nothing less than unparalleled quality and reliability of all Cable Assemblies. 

Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

Multimode Fiber Optic Cables

Multimode fiber optic cables have a larger core that allows multiple light modes to travel simultaneously. They are manufactured using a method called high-temperature synthetic deposition. These cable assemblies are frequently used for local area networks (LANs), premises cabling, and short-distance data transfer. Multimode cables are more economical for applications that require shorter ranges, although they have a lower bandwidth and experience modal dispersion over longer distances. 

Multimode Fiber Optic cables offer cost-effective, high-bandwidth data transmission, and immunity to electromagnetic interference, making them a secure and versatile choice in the electronic industry. Put your trust in BD Electronics Ltd as your reliable partner, empowering your ventures with top-notch Multimode fiber optic cables and other Cable Assemblies.

Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cables

Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cables

Loose tube fiber optic cables are designed with individual fiber strands encased in protective tubes, offering exceptional protection against moisture and physical damage. These cable assemblies are ideal for outdoor installations, as they can survive extreme environmental conditions. They are frequently used in the oil and gas, long-distance, and telecommunications sectors. 

Loose tube cables are more durable and appropriate for outdoor applications than tight-buffered cables.BD Electronics, the leading distributor in Europe, elevates the quality of your project by providing premium Fiber optic cables. Our extensive online store offers a wide range of cables and wires to cater to businesses' needs in Europe and beyond. Embrace the future of data transmission with confidence, as our Fiber Optic Cables empower your business with seamless connectivity and exceptional performance. 

Ribbon Fiber Optic Cables

Ribbon Fiber Optic Cables

Ribbon fiber optic cables are constructed with multiple fibers aligned in parallel ribbons, resulting in higher fiber density within the cable. This unique design makes fusion splicing simpler, which expedites and improves installation. Ribbon cables are frequently used in telecommunications networks, data centers, and high-density interconnects. They significantly reduce the space needed and improve manageability, especially in installations with a high fiber count.  

The working procedure involves transmitting data as pulses of light through the individual fibers in the ribbon. Their superior fiber density and simplified installation process make Ribbon Fiber Optic cables an ideal solution for high-capacity data transmission, inducing the growing demand for faster and more reliable communication in the modern technological landscape. 

Plastic Fiber Optic Cables

Plastic Fiber Optic Cables

Plastic Fiber Optic cables use optically pure plastic fibers for data transmission. Their benefits include flexibility, lightweight design, and immunity to electrical interference. Plastic Fiber Optic cables are commonly employed in short-distance data transmission applications where cost-effectiveness and ease of installation are crucial. 

The working procedure involves transmitting data as light pulses through the plastic core; despite their lower bandwidth than glass fibers, plastic fiber optic cables offer reliable performance for home networks, automotive systems, and consumer electronics applications, fulfilling the need for high-speed data transmission in various industries. BD Electronics' diverse selection of Plastic fiber Optic cables and other cable assemblies ensures you can find the perfect products to match your requirements, all available at various price points.

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Discover the unparalleled performance of Fiber Optic Cables with BD Electronics Ltd, a renowned distributor of cutting-edge Cable assemblies across Europe. Our extensive selection of Fiber Optic Cables reflects our dedication to providing top-notch goods. Each cable in our catalog has been carefully picked to satisfy the requirements of various industries while offering the best connectivity and data transmission. At BD Electronics Ltd, we understand the intricacies of Fiber Optic technology and its pivotal role in modern electronic industries. Our team of experts is dedicated to curating efficient, reliable, and secure Fiber Optic Cable solutions. Our comprehensive range ensures that businesses find the perfect fit for their projects.


Q: What are the typical data transmission speeds of Fiber Optic Cables? 

A: Depending on the application and technology, Fiber Optic Cables can transmit data from 1 Gbps to over 100 Gbps.

Q: Can Fiber Optic Cables be used for long-distance communication? 

A: Yes! Single-mode Fiber Optic Cables are suitable for long-distance communication, spanning several kilometers without signal degradation.

Q: Are Fiber Optic Cables immune to electromagnetic interference? 

A: Yes, Fiber Optic Cables are unaffected by electromagnetic interference, making them ideal for environments with high EMI.

Q: What is the lifespan of Fiber Optic Cables? 

A: With proper maintenance, Fiber Optic Cables can last for several decades. Buy Fiber optic cables and other cable assemblies from BD electronics, the top distributor in Europe and other parts of the world, at the best price.

Q: What are the main factors affecting Fiber Optic Cable performance? 

A: Factors such as bending radius, cleanliness, and quality of connectors can impact the cable's performance.

Q: What is the installation process for Fiber Optic Cables? 

A: Fiber optic cables require careful handling, termination, and splicing by trained technicians for optimal performance and high reliability.

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