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Circuit Breakers are fundamental safety mechanisms in electrical systems. These devices monitor and control the current flow through an electrical network. These devices are created to cut off power automatically in case the current passing through a circuit surpasses its limit. This helps prevent electrical fires and damage to equipment. BD Electronics Ltd offers a diverse collection of Circuit Breakers to suit various applications. Explore our online store, and order the Circuit Breakers that best fit your requirements.

Ground Fault Circuit Breakers

Ground Fault Circuit Breakers Ground Fault Circuit Breakers (GFCBs), also known as Residual Current Devices (RCDs) or Ground Fault Interrupters (GFIs), protects against electrical shock caused by ground faults, essentially when electrical current accidentally comes into contact with grounded parts. GFCBs constantly monitor the balance between two conductive wires, and if a leak is detected (indicating a ground fault), they automatically trip and cut off the power supply. This quick response helps prevent severe electrical shock incidents. 

Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers Hydraulic Magnetic Circuit Breakers use a magnetic coil and a hydraulic time delay to detect and respond to electrical overloads and short circuits. They don't change temperature due to ambiance temperature because the magnetic element responds to the instantaneous surge of high current. In contrast, the hydraulic element provides a time delay to handle temporary surges without triggering the breaker. This makes them particularly suitable for applications where precise operation over a wide range of temperatures is required.

Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay) Circuit Breakers

Magnetic (Hydraulic Delay) Circuit Breakers These are a specific type of hydraulic magnetic breaker that incorporates a delay mechanism. The magnetic element responds instantly to sudden high-current surges. At the same time, the hydraulic delay allows the breaker to tolerate temporary surges such as those encountered at the startup of motors or transformers. This prevents unnecessary tripping during such events. The precise operation makes them an ideal choice for protection in industrial applications.

Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Magnetic Circuit Breakers Magnetic Circuit Breakers utilize a solenoid (a coil of wire) that becomes magnetized when an electrical current passes through it. When the current exceeds the breaker's rated limit, the increased magnetism triggers a spring mechanism that opens the circuit, disconnecting the electricity supply. This instant response makes them very effective at protecting against short circuits.

Manual Motor Controller Circuit Breakers

Manual Motor Controller Circuit Breakers These are manually operated breakers designed to start and stop motors while protecting short circuits and overloads. They offer an integrated solution for control and protection in motor control applications, simplifying design and installation. These breakers often include manual disconnect, temperature compensation, and adjustable trip settings.


Manual Motor Starter Circuit Breakers

Manual Motor Starter Circuit Breakers Manual Motor Starter Circuit Breakers start and stop motor circuits and provide overload protection. These breakers are designed to handle the high inrush current when a motor starts, providing a comprehensive motor protection solution in a single device.

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers

Motor Protection Circuit Breakers Motor Protection Circuit Breakers (MPCBs) are advanced devices that provide short-circuit protection, disconnect means, and motor overload protection in a single device. They typically feature adjustable settings to match the motor's power and speed characteristics, ensuring optimal motor protection.

Solid State Circuit Breakers

Solid State Circuit Breakers Solid State Circuit Breakers use digital or analog electronics instead of mechanical components to interrupt circuit flow. This technology allows for precise control and rapid response to faults. These breakers offer significant advantages in size, reliability, and functionality, including the ability to customize trip profiles based on application needs.

Switch Only Circuit Breakers

Switch Only Circuit Breakers Switch Only Circuit Breakers are simple devices that provide a manual disconnect function without any overload or short-circuit protection. They are commonly used as an on/off switch for certain types of loads or equipment in a circuit.

Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers

Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers Thermal Magnetic Circuit Breakers incorporate two distinct mechanisms for overload and short-circuit protection. The thermal element protects against slow overloads by bending in response to heat from excessive current. The magnetic element protects against short-circuit incidents by triggering a rapid circuit break in response to sudden current surges.

Thermal Circuit Breakers

Thermal Circuit Breakers Thermal Circuit Breakers use a bimetallic strip that bends when heated by excessive current, triggering a circuit opening mechanism. This protects against slow, low-level overloads that can cause damage over time. The thermal element provides an 'inverse time' response - the higher the overload, the faster the breaker trips.

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Q: What are Circuit Breakers?

A: Circuit Breakers are protective devices interrupting an electrical circuit when excessive current is detected, preventing potential damage or fire hazards.

Q: What is a Circuit Breaker and its function?

A: A Circuit Breaker's primary function is to protect against overcurrent and short circuits in electrical systems.

Q: What are the 3 types of breakers?

A: There are three primary categories of circuit breakers: standard, ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI), and arc fault circuit interrupters (AFCI).

Q: What is an example of a Circuit Breaker?

A: An example of a Circuit Breaker is the breaker found in residential electrical service panels.

Q: What is an ACB breaker?

A: ACB stands for Air Circuit Breaker. It operates in the air as an arc extinguishing medium at a given atmospheric pressure.

Q: What is the difference between MCB and MCCB?

A: MCB (Miniature Circuit Breaker) is used for small loads, while MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) is used for larger loads with adjustable trip characteristics.

Q: What does MCCB mean?

A: MCCB stands for Molded Case Circuit Breaker. It's used for higher current ratings and offers adjustable trip settings.

Q: What is MCB in electrical?

A: MCB stands for Miniature Circuit Breaker. It's an electromechanical device that guards against electrical overloads and short circuits.

Q: What is ACB safety?

A: ACB, or Air Circuit Breaker, provides safety by breaking a circuit to prevent excessive current from causing damage or fire.

Q: Where to order Circuit Breakers?

A: You can order Circuit Breakers from BD Electronics Ltd, a leading distributor of Circuit Protection Products in Europe.

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