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TVS diodes, essential electronic components, are designed to protect circuits from transients and overvoltage threats. As silicon avalanche devices, they offer fast response times, low capacitance, low leakage current, and low clamping voltage. These versatile diodes safeguard against EFT, ESD, inductive load switching, and lightning strikes. TVS diodes shield sensitive electronics like integrated circuits and microcontrollers by quickly clamping voltage surges to safe levels. 

Their broad applications include power supplies, communication systems, automotive electronics, and industrial equipment. With their protective capabilities and widespread usability, TVS diodes are reliable safeguards for electronic devices, ensuring enhanced durability and performance. Continue reading to understand more about the specifications of multiple TVS diodes types:

Unidirectional TVS Diodes

Unidirectional TVS Diodes

Unidirectional TVS diodes, crucial electronic components, provide robust protection against transients and voltage spikes in DC circuits. These diodes have a thin color ring on one end, indicating the positive electrode connection. In contrast, two rings or no polarity markings are present in two-way TVS diodes. Unidirectional TVS diodes function by rapidly clamping excessive voltage to safe levels, shielding sensitive electronics from damage caused by EFT, ESD, inductive load switching, and other transient events.

The advantages of unidirectional TVS diodes lie in their fast response times, low capacitance, low leakage current, and low clamping voltage. These characteristics ensure reliable and efficient protection for electronic devices, including integrated circuits and microcontrollers. Typical applications encompass power supplies, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, and communication systems, where their robust protection capabilities safeguard critical components and enhance electronic systems' overall reliability and longevity.

Bidirectional TVS Diodes

Bidirectional TVS Diodes

Bidirectional TVS diodes, vital electronic components, offer versatile protection in positive and negative voltage directions, making them ideal for AC circuits. These diodes effectively absorb high pulse power and clamp the voltage to predetermined levels during transient events, safeguarding sensitive electronic components from damage caused by voltage fluctuations. With fast response times, low capacitance, and low leakage current, bidirectional TVS diodes ensure reliable and efficient protection for various AC-based electronic devices, including power supplies, telecommunications equipment, and data lines.

Their bidirectional capability and robust protection make them crucial components for maintaining system integrity and performance in AC electronic realms, where voltage spikes, ESD, EFT, and other transient threats are prevalent. By swiftly clamping voltage surges, bidirectional TVS diodes enhance the durability and longevity of electronic systems, ensuring reliable operation and safeguarding critical components in AC-based applications.

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Zener TVS Diodes

Zener TVS Diodes

Zener TVS diodes, crucial electronic components, are known for voltage regulation and effective transient voltage suppression. With sharp breakdown characteristics, they safeguard electronic circuits against voltage surges and transients. These diodes clamp input voltage to a constant level and provide dual functionality, offering voltage regulation and protection in specific applications.

Zener TVS diodes find use in power supplies, voltage regulators, and electronic systems where precise voltage regulation and transient protection are critical for maintaining system integrity. Their rapid response times and dual functionality make them essential for safeguarding sensitive electronic devices against voltage spikes and transients, ensuring reliable operation and enhanced protection in various electronic applications.

Schottky TVS Diodes 

Schottky TVS Diodes 

Schottky TVS diodes, essential electronic components, provide robust protection against voltage spikes and transients in sensitive circuits. With low forward voltage drop (VF) and fast response times, they are well-suited for high-speed switching applications. However, they exhibit higher reverse leakage current (IR) and power loss (IR × VR) than PN junction diodes, necessitating careful heat dissipation to prevent thermal runaway.

The breakdown voltage is typically limited to around 150 V, but ongoing developments focus on achieving higher values using next-generation SiC Schottky diodes. The choice of metal connected to the semiconductor affects the Schottky barrier height and electrical characteristics, offering a trade-off between forward voltage drop (VF) and reverse leakage current (IR). Schottky TVS diodes find applications in high-speed switching circuits, power supplies, and electronic systems, providing efficient protection against voltage transients and enhancing the reliability and longevity of sensitive electronic components.

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Metal-Oxide Varistors TVS Diodes 

Metal-Oxide Varistors TVS Diodes 

Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs), widely used as essential electronic TVS components, protect against transient surges. Composed of metal oxide semiconductor material, they exhibit a nonlinear voltage-current characteristic. MOVs offer a low impedance path under normal voltage conditions but rapidly decrease resistance during transient voltage spikes, diverting excess current away from sensitive electronic components.

Advantages of MOVs include rapid response times, high surge absorption capacity, and cost-effectiveness. They find extensive applications in various electronic devices, such as power supplies, home appliances, industrial equipment, and communication systems. Their ability to safeguard against voltage surges and transients ensures reliable operation and longevity, making them indispensable electronic components in diverse electronic realms.

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Q: What are Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs), and how do they work as TVS diodes?

A: Metal-Oxide Varistors (MOVs) are electronic components of metal oxide semiconductor material exhibiting a nonlinear voltage-current characteristic. TVS diodes provide protection against transient surges by offering a low impedance path during normal voltage conditions and rapidly decreasing resistance during voltage spikes.

Q: What distinguishes Zener diodes from TVS diodes, and what are their applications?

A: Zener diodes, known for voltage regulation, can also function as TVS diodes for protection against voltage spikes and transients. Their sharp breakdown characteristics make them suitable for safeguarding sensitive components. Applications include power supplies, voltage regulators, and electronic systems requiring voltage regulation and transient protection.

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