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Terminal Blocks, an essential element in electrical and circuit connections, act as a convenient connection point for two or more wires. These blocks ensure a safe, secure, and organized system, preventing potential short circuits and simplifying system modifications and repairs. At BD Electronics Ltd, we understand the vital role that Terminal Blocks play, and that's why we provide a wide range of high-quality Terminal Blocks that cater to your specific needs.

Barrier Blocks


Barrier Blocks are an older form of the terminal block. They have a rectangular insulating body with rows of terminal screws at the top. They are ideal for primary-input wiring in power supply designs, where their large size and substantial inter-terminal spacings can safely handle high voltages and currents. BD Electronics Ltd provides barrier blocks that meet stringent safety and quality standards, helping protect your circuits from potential damages and hazards.

Din Rail, Channel


DIN rails are metal rails used for mounting circuit breakers and industrial control equipment inside equipment racks. Terminal blocks are designed to be mounted onto these rails. The advantage of Din Rail Terminal Blocks is that they can be quickly installed, added, or repositioned, providing flexibility in various industrial applications. Our offerings at BD Electronics Ltd deliver a reliable and durable connection for your electrical systems.

Headers, Plugs, and Sockets


Headers, Plugs, and Sockets Terminal Blocks are generally used for wire-to-board or wire-to-wire connections where the ability to connect and disconnect the wires is necessary. These Terminal Blocks provide the convenience of secure connections while also offering easy plugging and unplugging. With a range of Terminal Blocks available, BD Electronics Ltd is your ultimate destination for these components.

Interface Modules


Interface Modules Terminal Blocks are used in process control and automation for interfacing field devices with control systems. These Terminal Blocks are an essential bridge between the field wiring and the controller, aiding in effective communication and control—BD Electronics Ltd stocks various specialized Terminal Blocks designed to meet your specific automation needs.

Panel Mount


Panel Mount Terminal Blocks are designed for direct mounting on a panel or board, providing a firm and secure connection point for wiring. These Terminal Blocks often come in screw or spring-clamp versions and are used in various applications. BD Electronics Ltd offers an extensive range of Panel Mount Terminal Blocks that cater to diverse wiring needs.

Power Distribution


Power Distribution Terminal Blocks are designed for distributing power throughout a system. These Terminal Blocks help manage multiple outputs from a single input source, ensuring a safe and efficient power distribution within your electrical system. With BD Electronics Ltd, you can find Power Distribution Terminal Blocks that cater to your power management needs.

Specialized Terminal Blocks


Specialized Terminal Blocks are designed for unique applications or those requiring specific features. These can range from fuse holders to thermocouple blocks, disconnects, and more. Regardless of the unique or specific requirement, we strive to meet your needs at BD Electronics Ltd, including those hard-to-find and obsolete specialized Terminal Blocks.

Terminal Block Accessories


Terminal Block Accessories encompass a range of add-on components designed to augment the functionality of Terminal Blocks. These include end plates, partition plates, cross-connectors, marking tags, etc. These accessories provide additional convenience and functionality to your Terminal Blocks. BD Electronics Ltd offers a wide array of Terminal Block Accessories to complement your Terminal Blocks.

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BD Electronics Ltd is a trusted Terminal Blocks Distributor. Our commitment to exceptional products and unparalleled customer service has made us a leading company in Europe's Connectors and Interconnects industry. Our team of seasoned professionals is always available to assist you in finding the perfect Terminal Block that suits your requirements. With BD Electronics Ltd, you are guaranteed quality and excellent Terminal Blocks prices. Trust us to be your partner when you need to buy Terminal Blocks.


Q: What is a terminal block?

A: A terminal block is an insulated block that secures and connects two or more wires without physical joint or soldering, widely used in electrical and telecommunications systems.

Q: What is the use of terminal block in PLC?

A: Terminal blocks in PLC systems connect the PLC with sensors, actuators, and other input/output devices, managing wiring and ensuring signal integrity.

Q: What are the different types of terminal blocks?

A: Types of terminal blocks include Barrier Blocks, Din Rail Terminal Blocks, Headers, Plugs and Sockets Terminal Blocks, Interface Modules Terminal Blocks, Panel Mount Terminal Blocks, Power Distribution Terminal Blocks, Specialized Terminal Blocks, and Terminal Block Accessories.

Q: What is the use of a test terminal block?

A: Test terminal blocks provide a secure point for testing the condition and measurements of an electrical circuit without disrupting the main circuitry.

Q: What is the difference between a terminal and a terminal block?

A: A terminal is a single connection point for a conductor, while a terminal block provides multiple connection points for various conductors.

Q: What is terminal testing?

A: Terminal testing checks the condition and measurements of an electrical circuit at its terminal points, including voltage, current, and resistance.

Q: Why is the terminal used?

A: Terminals provide a secure and reliable connection point for wires or cables within an electrical system, enabling easy connection and disconnection.

Q: Is a terminal block a relay?

A: No, a terminal block is a device for connecting wires, while a relay is a switch that opens or closes a circuit based on the input it receives.

Q: What is the difference between a busbar and a terminal block?

A: A busbar is a conductor within electrical apparatus, while a terminal block connects multiple wires. Busbars are used for higher-power applications, and terminal blocks are for lower-power applications.

Q: What size are terminal blocks?

A: Terminal block sizes vary based on the number of connections, current and voltage ratings, wire size, and mounting type. The size is chosen based on the specific application.

Q: Where to order Terminal Blocks?

A: Order Terminal Blocks from BD Electronics Ltd, a leading distributor of Terminal Blocks in Europe. Welcome to our online store! Browse our wide range of products, including terminal blocks, and quickly compare prices at our online store. You can place your order with confidence and convenience. Thank you for choosing us!

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