What are Electronic Filter Products?

An electronic filter product works as a circuit that may pass (or enhance) some frequencies while attenuating others. A filter can remove critical frequencies from transmissions containing unwanted or irrelevant frequencies.

Uses of filters in electronics vary in many different industries. Here are several examples:

  • Filters allow radio receivers to only “see” the intended signal while rejecting all other signals (assuming that the other signals have different frequency content).
  • Filters are used in the DC power supply to reduce unwanted high frequencies (i.e., noise) on AC input lines. Filters are also used on the output of a power supply to decrease ripple.


What are the Different Types of Electronic Filter Products?

The four major types of filters in electronics are

  • The low-pass filter,
  •  The high-pass filter,
  • The band-pass filter,
  • The notch filter (or the band-reject or band-stop filter).

Nevertheless, keep in mind that the labels “low” and “high” do not relate to absolute frequency values but rather to relative frequency components about the cutoff frequency in types of filter products in electronics.

A bridge network is a network of filters used to channel limited audio to the subwoofer, mid-range frequencies to intermediate speakers, and high-frequency sounds to tweeters in audio electronics. Filters are placed in front of an ADC input to reduce aliasing.

How Do Electronic Filters Work?

Only specific frequencies are allowed to pass via an electrical filter. Tuning a radio to a specific station isolates a particular frequency. The  electronic filter products chooses the station picked by the listener from among the hundreds of stations transmitting.

To understand how electronic filter products  function, it is necessary first to comprehend the parts that enable electrical filtering. Natural signals are made up of a variety of frequencies.

The human voice, for example, is made up of frequencies from 0 to 4kHz. A signal comprises a basic frequency, known as a base frequency, and additional multiples of that frequency with varying loudness, known as harmonics. Harmonics will vary depending on the gadget.

The base frequency of radio waves contains audible information, which is included at neighboring frequencies known as sidebands.

An electrical signal comprises voltage, electromotive force, and frequency. The force of voltage drives electrons across a material. The quantity of electric charge flowing across a specific circuit point per unit of time is called current. The frequency of the signal is the pace at which it repeats itself. A circuit’s gain is the ratio of output power to input power. The gain of devices that do not generate energy, such as the filters in this lab, cannot be positive. Devices, including transistors and other amplifiers, are required to obtain positive gain.

What are the Applications of Electronic Filter Products?

Applications include:

  • Filter Circuits are used to reduce background noise.
  • They are employed in radio tuning to a certain frequency.
  • In audio systems, it is used in pre-amplification, equalization, and tone control.
  • They are also employed in signal processing circuits and data conversion.
  • Filter Circuits are widely employed in Medical Electronic Systems.

Who are the Manufacturers of Electronic Filter Products?

There are several components in the electronic sector that make a product smart and helpful. An active electronic filter product is a type of analog circuit that implements an electronic filter with active components, most commonly an amplifier. Though the growth and change in producing Active Filters is still in its early stages, it is expected to reach its full potential in the near future. There are other active filter manufacturers in the business; nevertheless, we have identified the top five active electronic filter products manufacturers below.

Analog Devices

Analog Devices is one of the world’s top five active electronic filter product maker firms, thanks to their high-quality filters. Analog Devices focuses on technology, quality, dependability, service, and pricing in order to provide innovative solutions to its clients at the lowest possible overall cost. Analog Devices has been a key participant in the electronic filter products industry for many years.

Maxim Integrated

Maxim Integrated is a well-known brand in the electronic filter products manufacturer, and its diverse product line has earned them a place among the top five active filter manufacturer firms in the world. Maxim Integrated is always innovating in the Active Filters field and generating additional Active Filters.


Everyone is familiar with the brand Omron because we utilize a variety of their goods. Active Filters are among them. It manufactures industrial automation systems, electronic components, automotive electronics, ticket vending machines, and medical equipment in addition to active filters. It will be fascinating to observe how Omron grows its expertise and leadership in the Active Filters field in the future years.

Semiconductor ROHM

Rohm Semiconductor has created a reputation for itself on this list only due of its extensive line of active filters. Customers of Rohm come from all around the world, and its Active Filters solutions dominate the industry. ROHM has been primarily creating and focusing on Active Filters technology.

Texas Instruments Inc.

Texas Instruments not only designs, manufactures, tests, and sells analog and embedded semiconductors in industries such as industrial, automotive, personal electronics, communications equipment, and enterprise applications.

Where Can Electronic Filter Products be Purchased?

Electronic filter products are available from various sources, including online and offline businesses. Electronic filter products for industrial and commercial applications should be purchased from a reputed electronic component distributor that can supply quality goods and dependable support. At BD Electronics Ltd, we provide electronic filter products for various applications. BD Electronics Ltd sells high-quality branded electrical motors all around the world.We have a team of specialists who assist customers at every stage of the purchasing process. Click here for a free quotation for all your electronic filter product needs!

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