Memory Cards

What is a memory card?

A memory card is a capacity gadget that will be utilized for storing media and information records. It gives a lasting and non-volatile medium to save information and documents from the connected gadget. Memory cards will be used in small, portable devices, such as cameras and phones. A memory card is also known as a flashcard.

A memory card is utilized as an essential and versatile streak memory in portable phones, cameras, and other universal and handheld gadgets. PC Cards (PCMCIA) were a forerunner of advanced memory cards presented for commercial purposes. Besides giving non-volatile media capacity, a memory card employs solid-state media innovation, which reduces the chances of mechanical issues, such as those found in conventional difficult drives.

How is a memory card made?

There are known methods for the fabrication of the standard format of electronic memory cards.

A cavity will be provided within the card, which is either entirely or partially filled with a coating fabric. This is where the integrated circuit will be placed. After that, the cavity will be closed by a thin sheet, leaving only the metallic areas open for the purpose of connecting the integrated circuit with a device exchanging data with the card.

These processes typically include a vast number of complex operations, such as preparing a cavity and an integrated circuit module mounted on a suitable support, coating the assembly and closing of the cavity, and final pressing and routing of the card. Such procedures are so expensive that they are barely applicable to the manufacture of cards designed to be discarded after use.

What are the different types of memory cards?

  1. Compact Flash Card
  2. Secure Digital Card
  3. Secure Digital High-Capacity Card
  4. Secure Digital Extended Capacity Card
  5. Micro Secure Digital High-Capacity Card
  6. Extreme Digital Picture Card
  7. Sony Memory Sticks


How does a memory card work?

With the utilization of an SD card, your devices must primarily be able to recognize the cards. Hardware such as computerized cameras and cell phones frequently contain an SD space but may not be adjusted to read the cards. Numerous computers incorporate memory card spaces for SD and other memory cards. You’ll buy a USB memory card “reader” to enable your computer to utilize the cards for something else. Not every gadget is compatible with reading all types of SD cards; thus, reviewing your owner’s manual prior to usage is necessary.

Data in an SD card is stored on a series of electronic components called NAND chips. These chips permit information to be composed and stored on the physical SD card. As the chips have no moving kinetic parts, data can be exchanged from the cards rapidly, exceeding the data exchange speed of CD or hard-drive media. In addition, the NAND chips in an SD card don’t wear out quickly, so information can be composed multiple times, making SD cards solid and long-lasting in use.

What are the applications of a memory card?

There are a lot of different uses for a memory card. For example, you buy a high-definition camera that has the capability of taking amazing pictures. However, you only get 8GB of built-in storage space, which is not always enough because an HD picture could quickly get up to a few megabytes. With that camera, surely you can take great pictures; yet rapidly running out of space to use is indeed very inconvenient. You would have to consider deleting photos you love to make space in your card. While you can undoubtedly connect your camera to a desktop or computer and transfer the information, what about those situations when you are out and about, and you do not have your PC or Mac with you? That is when a memory card is going to come in quite handy.


What are the manufacturers of memory cards?

Memory cards are irreplaceable items/parts in many products; thus, various reputable manufacturers make these components, such as:

  • Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd
  • Nikkei Asia
  • SanDisk
  • Lexar
  • Sony
  • Shenzhen Longshunxing Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Western Computer

Where can memory cards be purchased?

Besides the manufacturer of memory cards, buyers can try to purchase them with distributors such as us, BD Electronics Ltd. We provide efficient services to our customers when they require the best quality electrical components. Having international networking with suppliers and manufacturers, BD Electronics Ltd. makes sure that the customers are satisfied with the best possible service along with reasonable prices. We can offer a wide range of electronic components, and the memory card is just one of those.



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