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Resistors, indispensable electronic components, are incorporated in electrical circuits to restrict current flow, partition voltage, or serve as heat generators. They earn the name "resistors" due to their inherent quality to "resist" or hinder the passage of electrical current.

The standard measure of resistance, the ohm, is symbolized by the Greek letter omega (Ω). The electronics domain uses an array of resistors, each exhibiting unique characteristics and functional applications. BD Electronics Ltd, as a highly esteemed distributor of resistors in Europe, stands as your ultimate destination to buy resistors. 

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Linear Resistors

Linear Resistors Linear resistors are characterized by a direct proportionality between voltage and current, a relationship defined by Ohm's Law (V=IR). This law states that the electric current through a linear resistor is inversely proportional to its resistance and directly proportional to the applied voltage. Linear resistors are critical components in many circuits, offering stability and predictability. They come in many forms, including fixed and variable resistors. They are used for various purposes, like setting the bias of an active device or loading a line to match impedance. At BD Electronics Ltd, you can buy a variety of linear resistors, each guaranteeing precision and reliability.

Fixed Resistors

Fixed Resistors As the name suggests, fixed resistors have a static resistance value that remains unchanged across different conditions. They are widely used in electronic circuits to reduce current flow, adjust signal levels, and divide voltages. Examples of fixed resistors include carbon composition resistors and metal film resistors. They are commonly denoted with color codes to indicate their resistance values. BD Electronics Ltd's fixed resistors are carefully selected to ensure maximum efficiency and durability.

Variable Resistors

Variable Resistors Variable resistors, also known as potentiometers or rheostats, are resistors whose resistance values can be adjusted. These devices include a track or coil of resistance wire, a wiper that moves along the track when adjusted, and three terminals. As the position of the wiper changes, it adjusts the dividing point on the resistance track and consequently alters the resistance. Variable resistors are frequently used in devices that require the adjustment of electrical characteristics, such as volume control in audio equipment. At BD Electronics Ltd, we supply a range of variable resistors designed to offer smooth and precise control over resistance levels.

Non-Linear Resistors

Non-Linear Resistors Non-linear resistors are resistors where the current does not follow a proportional relationship with the applied voltage. This means they do not follow Ohm's law. The resistance value of a non-linear resistor changes with the applied voltage or current. They include components like thermistors, whose resistance changes with temperature, and varistors, whose resistance varies with voltage. Non-linear resistors are typically used for specialized applications such as surge protection, temperature sensing, and level detection. BD Electronics Ltd provides various non-linear resistors suitable for specific electronic applications.

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Q: What is a resistor and its uses?

A: In an electronic circuit, a resistor is a component that regulates or limits the flow of electrical current. Resistors sometimes control voltage and current levels, divide voltages and generate heat.

Q: What are the 4 types of resistors?

A: The four primary types of resistors are fixed resistors, variable resistors, linear resistors, and non-linear resistors.

Q: Why is it called a resistor?

A: It is called a resistor because it "resists" the flow of electrical current.

Q: What is a resistor and its symbol?

A: A resistor is a device that opposes or resists the flow of electricity in a circuit. The symbol for a resistor is a jagged line, representing the idea of restriction or resistance.

Q: What is the principle of a resistor?

A: The principle that governs the behavior of a resistor is Ohm's Law. It establishes that the amount of current that flows through a conductor is directly related to the voltage applied across it. However, some resistors (non-linear) do not follow Ohm's law.

Q: What is the resistor and S.I. unit?

A: A resistor is an electronic component that opposes or restricts current flow. The S.I. unit for resistance is the ohm (Ω).

Q: What is the unit of a resistor?

A: The standard unit of resistance is the ohm (Ω).

Q: What is the formula for resistance?

A: The formula for resistance is R=V/I, where R is resistance, V is voltage, and I is current.

Q: Where to order Resistors?

A: You can order resistors from BD Electronics Ltd. We are a leading resistors distributor in Europe, known for our extensive range and competitive prices.

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