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Thermometers, indispensable tools today, are specifically engineered to measure temperature. Their importance spans various sectors, including healthcare, scientific research, industrial operations, and everyday household tasks. These devices operate based on different scientific principles, whether it's the thermal expansion of solids or liquids, the change in pressure corresponding to different temperatures, or variations in certain materials' physical and electrical properties. 

Given the crucial role of these devices, it's imperative to choose thermometers that offer both precision and reliability. That's where BD Electronics Ltd comes into play. We are a trusted supplier, providing a vast range of high-quality thermometers that cater to various application needs. 

Our diverse Test and Measurement Supplies range ensures that we have a suitable solution for you whether you require a thermometer for industrial temperature control, precise laboratory measurements, or simply for use at home. We understand the nuances that different applications may require and offer products tailored to meet these specific needs.

With BD Electronics Ltd as your trusted supplier for Test and Measurement Supplies in Europe and worldwide, you are assured of a thermometer that accurately serves your temperature measurement needs. Search thermometers on our online store and buy them in bulk now!

Desktop Thermometers

Desktop Thermometers Desktop thermometers are primarily designed for stationary, indoor use. They are often used in laboratories, offices, homes, or any environment requiring continuous temperature monitoring. These thermometers typically feature a large, easy-to-read display and may also include other functionalities like humidity readings, date, and time display, and even weather forecasting. Being placed on a desktop or mounted on a wall, they constantly update the surrounding temperature, enabling users to manage and adjust the indoor climate efficiently.

Handheld Thermometers

Handheld Thermometers Handheld thermometers are compact, portable devices often used in various field applications such as environmental research, food safety inspection, HVAC system checks, etc. They are typically equipped with a probe for insertion or immersion into substances or an infrared sensor for non-contact temperature measurement. This type of thermometer is favored for its portability, ease of use, and versatility, allowing for quick spot checks and troubleshooting of temperature-related issues.


Gun Handheld Thermometers

Gun Handheld Thermometers Also known as Infrared (IR) thermometers, these are non-contact devices that measure temperature from a distance by detecting the infrared energy emitted by an object. They are often designed in a gun-like format for easy targeting and handling. Ideal for high-temperature industrial applications, electrical installations, and hard-to-reach places, these thermometers offer safe and efficient temperature measurements. Their key advantage is the ability to measure temperature without contact, preventing contamination and damage to the target.

Pedestal Thermometers

Pedestal Thermometers Pedestal thermometers are stand-alone devices often used outdoors or in large indoor spaces. They stand on a base or can be fixed onto a wall or pole. They're often employed in gardening, agriculture, or weather stations to monitor the ambient temperature. Some pedestal thermometers may also feature humidity sensors and barometric pressure gauges to offer a broader understanding of the environment.

Pocket Thermometers

Pocket Thermometers

Pocket thermometers are compact, portable devices used for quick spot-checks of temperature in various applications, ranging from food service to HVAC systems and automotive. As the name suggests, they are small enough to fit in a pocket and usually have a protective case. They typically feature a probe that can be inserted into substances for direct temperature measurement. Their main advantage is their portability and ease of use, allowing technicians and inspectors to carry them around effortlessly and conduct quick temperature checks as needed.

Each of these thermometers serves different purposes and is designed to cater to unique temperature measurement requirements. Whether you need to monitor the ambient temperature in a room, check food temperature in a restaurant, or measure temperature in a manufacturing process, there's a thermometer designed for your specific needs.

We Are a Distributor of Thermometers

As a top-tier thermometers distributor, BD Electronics Ltd stands at the forefront of temperature measurement solutions. We offer an extensive range of high-quality thermometers designed to accommodate diverse measurement needs across various industries. Our selection caters to all, from industrial operations and scientific research to healthcare and everyday household use.

We have earned a strong reputation in the market for our commitment to quality, reliability, and customer service. Our intuitive and easy-to-navigate online store ensures a seamless purchasing experience for our customers. Our vast product offering and competitive pricing guarantee an excellent return on your investment.

We promise to elevate your temperature measurement capabilities with our top-notch thermometers. We go beyond simply selling products. We help you understand your temperature measurement needs and match them with the right products. So, whether upgrading your existing setup or setting up new operations, count on BD Electronics Ltd for your thermometer needs.


Q: What is the use of a thermometer?

A: Thermometers are used to measure temperature in various fields, including medicine, research, and industry.

Q: What are 3 types of thermometers?

A: Three common types of thermometers are digital thermometers, infrared thermometers, and mercury-in-glass thermometers.

Q: What thermometer is the most accurate?

A: The accuracy of a thermometer can vary based on its type and usage. Digital and infrared thermometers are generally considered highly accurate.

Q: What is the working principle of a thermometer?

A: The working principle of a thermometer is based on the physical property of a substance that changes with temperature, such as the expansion of a liquid or gas.

Q: Which thermometer is best and why?

A: The "best" thermometer depends on the specific application. Digital thermometers are typically preferred for their accuracy and ease of use for medical use.

Q: What type of thermometer is most used?

A: Digital thermometers are most commonly used due to their quick results, accuracy, and ease of use.

Q: Where to order Thermometers? 

A: You can order a variety of high-quality thermometers from BD Electronics Ltd, a leading thermometers distributor in Europe. We offer affordable thermometer prices, quick delivery, and reliable shipping!

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