Visual Inspection

This inspection verifies the characteristics of parts in order to evaluate quality and originality. This includes inceptions such as components condition, part markings, evidence of a secondary coating, lead conditions, dimensions and surface quality. Visual inspection is performed per SAE AS5553 and MIL-STD-883 Method 2009.9 and on a sample of parts from a given lot base on the sample according to the ANSI ASQE Z1.4 Table II−A.

Common things generally looked for during a visual inspection test of an Integrated Circuit device include:

  • Package Condition and Dimension Check
  • Device Markings and Signs of Remarking
  • Body Inspection to Identify Scratches, Cracks, Corrosion, Contamination, Markings, Coatings, etc.
  • Pin Indicator Orientation, Texture, Coating, Dimensions
  • Lead Condition (Oxidation, Alignment, Exposure, Corrosion, etc.)
  • BGA Inspection for Broken, Damaged or Displaced BGA’s
  • Substrate Condition