RAMPOW – The finest British maker of USB cables, authorizing BD Electronics Ltd as official distributor in Europe.

In the hustle and bustle modern life, if you want to enhance and advance your working life and personal life, then smartphone becomes indispensable due to its connectivity, flexibility, efficiency, etc. Because of that, the demand of smartphone and its accessories is significantly increasing day by day.

Continuing the succession of strategic alliance, recently, BD Electronics Ltd has managed to sign a distribution contract with RAMPOW, marking the day the company entered the competitive distribution market of micro-USB cables and USB Car Chargers.

Located in the United Kingdom, RAMPOW was founded in May 2015, with a strong focus on USB-C Lightning Cables and adapters. Since then, the company has sold millions of products and gained a very good reputation in both credibility and quality.

As a professional online distributor in electronics industry, BD Electronics Ltd is pleased to partner with a dynamic manufacturer such as RAMPOW. This partnership makes sure to take care of all communication devices with USB connection as RAMPOW’s Products are now distributed on our website.

Authorised distributor BD Electronics Ltd hopes the 100W high-speed charging solution of the USB-C Cable will ensure Electronic Wholesalers are satisfied with this cutting-edge technology. Regarding companies who are looking for a reliable smartphone accessories provider, this is represents an opportunity to explore a new avenue.

Managing a range of dropship facilities for electronics industry, it is within our power to provide typically EX Works shipping products using the carrier and method of customers preference in a timely manner, which has become our signature service: prompt delivery.

We are content to welcome such great company as RAMPOW to be our partner, alongside with Diotec, The Western Design, Inc., Ligitek and Hongju. 

“During Covid-19 times, the necessity of laptops, smartphones, etc. has been further elevated. A greater emphasis has been put on by those who use these items as a main means of professional communication. BD sees the opportunity here, but we also see what people are in need of. We are very grateful we can now ease out the difficulties in sourcing these electronics accessories for purchasing managers” – Stephanie Borg – European Product & Promotions Manager for BD – shared her thoughts.

BD Electronics delivers the finest shopping experience for our dear customers. Our motto is reasonable price, prompt delivery and professional consultation to become your trusted supplier for your business.

For more information, quote and consultation, please visit our website https://bde-ltd.com/.

Feel free to contact us any time at our Email info@bde-ltd.com and Tel +356 7711 5063.

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