Sophia, Almost a Human

Sophia, Almost a Human

Sophia is a human-looking robot that David Hanson created. Sophia can walk and communicate with human beings. This robot was created by an ambitious and very ingenious team that used useful electronics components.

Obsolete electronic parts are not used in the field of robotics. It requires cutting-technology, specific industrial devices, and a lot of effort to create innovative humanoids.

You certainly noticed these recent years the apparition of many humanoid robots. Sophia is undoubtedly the most famous one. This humanoid is very developed and sophisticated and can easily maintain a normal conversation with another human being. Sophia is equipped with facial tracking cameras, allowing her to recognize people who have already talked with her. She can also walk and recreate 60 facial expressions as well.

There are many online videos where Sophia interacts with celebrities, such as Will Smith, Christy Teigen, and Jimmy Fallon, who are impressed by her abilities. You can look at the link below; you will indeed find Will’s very amusing conversation with Sophia. Sophia is another step further into more developed technology that will inspire many engineers to create more sophisticated robots in the future. Therefore, they were so amazed in Saudi Arabia that they decided to give her citizenship.

Here is a brief presentation to get a better understanding of how it works. Indeed, robots are electronics parts assembly. They have a physical structure, a sensory system, a power supply, and a computer playing the brain’s role. The main point of creating this robot is to recreate human behavior.

What is the next step? Will humanoids ever be part of our daily lives someday?

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