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BD Electronics is your trusted partner in the supply of electronic components, even: hard to find electronic components; obsolete components; end of life or On Request electronic components

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Molex has been a leading global supplier in electronics for 80 years, focused on design and development to testing and delivery of electronic products.

Molex works with its professional team and customers to provide innovative solutions critical to products that touch virtually every walk of life. The company achieves this mission by focusing on customer-first relationships, exceptional engineering expertise, and quality.

Molex’s product assortment is among the world’s largest, with over 100,000 products, including everything from electrical, sensors, and fiber optic interconnects solutions to switches and application tooling.

Find below the table including the electronic components list of the company’s portfolio.

  • 3D & Advanced Packaging (Semiconductor) - ISI

  • Antennas

  • Application Tooling

  • Automation

  • Busbars

  • Cables

  • Cable Assemblies

  • Capillary Tubing and Micro Components - Polymicro

  • Sensor Solutions

  • User Interface

  • Electrical Products - Woodhead

  • Connectors, Edgecards, and Sockets

  • EMI / Noise Suppression Sheets

  • Printed Circuit Solutions

  • FPGA Computing Systems – BittWare

  • IT Infrastructure Solutions

  • Lighting Products

  • Network Connected Solutions - CoreSync

  • Optical Solutions

  • RF / Microwave Solutions

Molex serves partners in various industries, from Automotive to Healthcare and Consumer to Data Communications. Also, Molex is known for providing a continuous flow of innovation in high-speed signal integrity, higher power delivery, optical signal transmission, and sealed harsh-environment connectivity.

Its customers rely on Molex to deliver breakthrough connectivity at scale. The company helps them master change and create significant advances through powerful innovation, engineering excellence, end-to-end supply chain optimization, and world-class manufacturing capabilities.

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