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JRC Corporation / NJRC NJU7074D

JRC Corporation / NJRC NJU7074D

JRC Corporation / NJRC
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JRC Corporation / NJRC NJM2082M

JRC Corporation / NJRC NJM2082M

JRC Corporation / NJRC
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JRC Corporation / NJRC NJU7002D

JRC Corporation / NJRC NJU7002D

JRC Corporation / NJRC
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JRC Corporation / NJRC NJU7094V-TE1#

JRC Corporation / NJRC NJU7094V-TE1#

JRC Corporation / NJRC
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JRC Corporation / NJRC NJW1105D

JRC Corporation / NJRC NJW1105D

JRC Corporation / NJRC
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About JRC Corporation

JRC Corporation is a renowned manufacturer specializing in high-quality electronic components and solutions. With a rich history spanning several decades, JRC has established itself as a leader in the industry. The company originated in Japan and has expanded its operations globally, delivering cutting-edge technology and innovative products to a diverse range of sectors, including telecommunications, automotive, consumer electronics, and industrial applications. JRC Corporation’s product portfolio encompasses a wide array of electronic components, such as integrated circuits, transistors, diodes, sensors, and more. Their commitment to excellence and reliability has made them a trusted choice for customers worldwide.

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JRC Corporation Products and Technologies 

JRC Corporation is a leading technology company specializing in various high-end products and technologies. Their innovative solutions cater to diverse industries and applications, ensuring enhanced performance, safety, and efficiency. As a trusted global provider, JRC Corporation Products continues to deliver cutting-edge solutions, empowering customers worldwide.

JRC Corporation Driving Simulator

JRC Corporation is renowned for its advanced electronic components and solutions, including the impressive Driving Simulator. This simulator offers a realistic driving experience with its high-quality hardware, such as a steering wheel, pedals, and a comfortable seat. Equipped with motion sensors and force feedback technology, it accurately replicates real driving dynamics. Customizable settings allow for various driving scenarios, making it suitable for driver education, research, and entertainment purposes. The simulator’s software provides detailed analytics and data logging capabilities for performance evaluation. Widely used in driving schools, research institutions, and automotive testing centers, the JRC Corporation Driving Simulator is a safe and cost-effective solution for training and improving driving skills while enhancing road safety. For the purchase of JRC Corporation products, including the Driving Simulator, BD Electronics serves as a reliable distributor, offering customers access to this cutting-edge technology.



JRC Corporation Motion Device

JRC Corporation, a reputable manufacturer of electronic components, offers an innovative product line known as Motion Devices. These Motion Devices are advanced electronic components designed to provide precise motion control and positioning capabilities in various applications.

Composed of high-quality materials, JRC Corporation’s Motion Devices incorporate cutting-edge technologies and engineering expertise. These devices encompass a range of products, including stepper motors, servo motors, linear actuators, and motion controllers.

The specifications of JRC Corporation’s Motion Devices vary based on the specific product type. They offer a wide range of options with varying torque, speed, resolution, and control features. The motors are designed to deliver accurate and smooth motion, ensuring precise positioning in applications that require high precision and repeatability.

JRC Corporation’s Motion Devices find applications in diverse industries, such as robotics, automation, industrial machinery, medical equipment, and aerospace. They enable precise control of motion, facilitating tasks such as robotic arm movements, conveyor belt control, and CNC machine positioning.

To purchase JRC Corporation’s Motion Devices, including their electronic components, you can conveniently buy them through BD Electronics, a trusted distributor of electronic components. BD Electronics offers a wide selection of JRC Corporation products, providing customers with easy access to their high-quality Motion Devices.

JRC Corporation MLAT

JRC Corporation, a leading manufacturer of electronic components, offers the advanced MLAT (Multi-Lateration) technology for precise aircraft surveillance and tracking. MLAT systems, incorporating JRC Corporation’s electronic components, utilize ground-based sensors to accurately calculate and track aircraft positions. With high accuracy, fast update rates, and wide coverage, these systems provide real-time data on aircraft position, altitude, speed, and heading. MLAT technology plays a crucial role in airports, air traffic control centers, and military installations, contributing to improved safety, airspace management, and efficient air traffic control operations. Customers can conveniently purchase JRC Corporation’s MLAT products, including their electronic components, through BD Electronics, a trusted distributor of electronic components, ensuring access to reliable and high-quality MLAT solutions.

JRC Corporation Marine Systems

JRC Corporation is a renowned manufacturer of advanced Marine Systems designed specifically for the maritime industry. Their comprehensive range of electronic components and equipment includes radar systems, navigation equipment, communication devices, and fishery instruments. These Marine Systems are built with cutting-edge technology and high-quality materials to ensure reliable performance and safety at sea.

JRC Corporation’s radar systems provide accurate detection and tracking of vessels, obstacles, and weather conditions, enhancing navigation safety. Their navigation equipment, such as GPS receivers and chart plotters, offers precise positioning and route guidance for seamless navigation. Communication devices like VHF radios and satellite communication systems enable efficient and reliable ship-to-shore communication. Additionally, JRC Corporation’s fishery instruments help fishermen locate and monitor fish schools, optimizing catch efficiency.

All of JRC Corporation’s Marine Systems are designed to meet the demanding requirements of the maritime industry, adhering to industry standards and certifications. With their commitment to quality and performance, JRC Corporation ensures that their Marine Systems deliver exceptional reliability in challenging marine environments.

To purchase JRC Corporation’s Marine Systems, including their electronic components, customers can rely on BD Electronics, a trusted distributor of electronic components, offering easy access to JRC Corporation’s high-quality products.

JRC Corporation Software METER STUDIO and ROAD STUDIO

JRC Corporation products offer innovative software solutions for metering and road analysis. METER STUDIO is a powerful software package that enables accurate data collection and analysis for various metering applications. ROAD STUDIO, on the other hand, provides advanced tools for analyzing road conditions, traffic patterns, and infrastructure planning. These software solutions from JRC Corporation products facilitate effective decision-making and optimization in urban planning and transportation management.

With a solid commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction, JRC Corporation continues to drive innovation across industries. In addition, through partnerships with distributors like BD Electronics, JRC ensures the availability and support of its high-quality products to customers worldwide.

JRC Corporation Product Applications

JRC Corporation products have a diverse range of applications across various industries, contributing to improved performance, safety, and efficiency. Here are some of the critical applications for JRC Corporation products:

  • Transportation and Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Marine and Maritime
  • Entertainment and Virtual Reality
  • Metering and Road Analysis

JRC Corporation products have wide-ranging applications, but here are a few examples. With its commitment to technological innovation and customer satisfaction, JRC continues to develop solutions that address the evolving needs of different industries, fostering progress and efficiency in various sectors worldwide.

We Are Distributor of JRC Corporation Products

JRC Corporation, a renowned provider of electronic components, partners with distributors worldwide to ensure widespread availability. Distributors play a crucial role in making JRC Corporation’s electronic components, such as MLATs, motion devices, and driving simulators, accessible to customers across the globe. BD Electronics is one such trusted JRC Corporation products distributor. You can buy JRC Corporation electronic components at affordable prices from BD Electronics.


A: Simulators simulate various process configurations and alter design parameters, allowing for decision-making and progress toward an ideal process. JRC Corporation utilizes simulators to provide training and evaluation tools for drivers, enabling them to enhance their skills and promote road safety. In addition, their driving simulators offer a safe and controlled environment for individuals to practice and improve their driving abilities.

A: Simulators, whether software programs, tools, or systems, simulate actions and implement models over time. They enable users to create virtual environments that mimic real-life scenarios, helping them understand and study complex processes or systems.

A: Simulators, including JRC Corporation’s driving simulators, can serve as valuable tools for corporate learning and development. Their simulators provide teams with the tools required to align on strategy, enhance their financial and business acumen, and ultimately boost their bottom line. In the case of driving simulators, companies can improve driver training programs, leading to safer driving practices and reduced accidents.

A: BD Electronics offers various configurations of JRC Corporation simulators. To find the specific simulator components you’re looking for, visit the BD Electronics website and explore the product category area dedicated to JRC Corporation simulators.