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About Vicotee

Vicotee is known to design and manufacture the most innovative and flexible IoT/industrial network solutions in the industry. The company, since its founding, has been set on making traditional wired sensors and devices wireless. The company was founded under Virinco AS and is responsible for handling the parent company’s excellent knowledge of measurements and quality data management.

Vicotee Products & Technologies

Vicotee specialized in the providing IoT products and remote sensors. The Norwegian-based company currently manufactures products that support city infrastructure, agriculture, urban and industrial flooding and drainage, cargo and shipment, aerospace, traffic, other utilities both belonging to the private and public sectors. Vicotee offers a broad range of sensors and similar products and technologies focused on wireless IoT communication protocols.

Vicotee Product Applications

Vicotee is reputed as a trusted partner of Mircosoft, National Instruments, and Linear Technology. The company’s highly credible and reputable products and service is also know for being efficient, innovative and flexible having applications ranging from off-the-shelf options to custom proposals tailored to the customer’s needs. Vicotee’s products and services can be applied in various industries as well such as environmental monitoring, green energy, automation, factory supply chains, and agriculture.

Vicotee Distributors

Vicotee is a trusted distributor of various high-profile companies in terms of manufacturing and delivering IoT communication protocols, services, and products. In order to help Vicotee get the company’s products to as much people and companies as possible, BD Electronics also offers products shipped from Vicotee itself and distributes it in a timely and efficient manner.


A: Vicotee has developed a highly advanced and secure cloud unique to the company fittingly named “Vicotee Cloud”. This particular cloud server was created with technology and coding techniques from various fields with the vision of creating a “personalized space and solutions unique to every user of the cloud”.

A: Yes, Vicotee handle maritime services and shipping for all of ther products and packages. The company views that staying connected to a secure and stable network even in the middle of the seas oceans is the backbone of a centralized and globalized digital world.

A: At Vicotee, logistics is viewed as a highly integral part of the company. The company understands that people are getting used to getting deliveries from across the globe to our door within a snap of our fingers. This includes racking goods, sharing information, having masses of sensor devices being your distributed eyes, ears and “brain” is the lever for the next wave of the globalized world.

A: Yes, it is possible, and with the help of BD Electronics, a group that specializes in locating and delivering the highest quality products in the market, consumers are assured of purchasing only the highest quality tech equipment and components.