Various websites and communities connect buyers, manufacturers, and distributors of electronic components in the embedded industry.

SupplyFX is one of the most popular ways to connect engineering, supply chain, and manufacturing professionals worldwide. SupplyFX supports users in building a supplier network, quoting a production-grade BOM, or getting some advice for the electronic design from a professional community. The website has a specific format to facilitate effective collaboration.

How to choose reliable suppliers of electronic components is a frequently asked question for many purchasing professionals. SupplyFX provides users with the search tools to help find compatible ones while discovering new distributors, growing supply chains, and expanding the customer base.

Electronic device manufacturing companies need to foster relationships within the team and invest in partnerships. The platform SupplyFX allows users to meet each company’s faces to establish direct connections with the right people.

SupplyFX is a modern and creative platform to facilitate team communication and product collaboration with a convenient interface.

SupplyFX creates a platform for Communities, Markets, and Companies, all in one website.


Since the platform’s purpose is to connect manufacturers, distributors, engineers, and buyers in the electronic component sector, joining SupplyFX means becoming a member of a growing community of supply chain professionals. The website helps establish and maintain partner relationships between parties for current and upcoming business.


There are around 100 and counting markets available in different industries from 41 countries. The website provides a professional network of suppliers and buyers so that users can source for their hardware needs.


SupplyFX allows users to access an up-to-date catalog of more than 5000 companies in various electronic industries. With SupplyFX, users can browse, search, and connect with companies and communicate with their personnel.

Apart from the websites that connect suppliers and buyers, electronics purchasers can also find their needed electronic parts with reliable manufacturers or distributors for a cost-benefit reason. BD Electronics is a distributor who provides the best quote in the market and prompt service to our dear customers with a strong network of suppliers and professionals.

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