5 Types of TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Electrical Wires

5 Types of TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Electrical Wires


TE Connectivity amp connectors manufacturer is widely known as a technology company that designs and manufactures a wide variety of connectors and sensors for multiple sectors. However, up until this day, there is a lot of confusion about the company’s name. 

If you are one of those having uncertainties with TE, we recommend that you read through this article first to understand its origin and discover more about the brand’s history. 

This globally recognized electronic manufacturer provides different electrical wire connectors. They are often regarded as TE Connectivity AMP connectors due to the specific brand demand of the market. Quality and variety are the key features that TE can deliver, keeping its competitiveness throughout the years. 

This article will serve as a TE Connectivity electronics components listing guide. We will provide you with adequate information, not just knowing about AMP connector types and understanding their relevant purpose. TE’s 75 years of doing business developed different electrical wire connectors that may already be overwhelming. However, nothing can stop this brand from innovating, so let us begin before the next release of another remarkable TE AMP connector!


What is an Electrical Wire Connector?

Before we go through the TE Connectivity AMP connector catalog, it is essential to know the basics of what we are discussing. In this scenario, it is an electrical wire connector. 

In layman’s terms, a connector is what joins or unites two pieces regardless of their nature. Like this topic, we are trying to connect with the knowledge you already have. 

The most relevant example is interpreted in the electronic industry. Devices and equipment function with particular connectivities and are classified into two: wireless and not. 

Wired connectivity requires contact between cables, wires, printed circuit boards, and electronic components. These electrical terminations produce a circuit reaction enabling the respective functions that devices and equipment are designed after. In addition, these functions include one of the essential connectivity today: the transmission of data, signal, and power


TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Catalog

We are now in the most awaited section of this article. You already understand the origin of TE Connectivity and the purpose of electrical wire connectors, so it is time to spice them up!

The TE Connectivity AMP Connector Catalog is a massive collection of different electrical wire connectors that are not only classified by product model or item code. There are 17 main TE AMP connector categories, and we will start with application-based ones followed by shape-based categories. These are designed to improve critical technology systems connectivity of different applications. 

TE Connectivity AMP Connectors – Application Based 

Audio & Video Connectors

These are specifically engineered to increase the performance of audio, video, and data delivery while reducing their size and power usage. This audio & video TE AMP Connector provides high-speed, high-density, and high-clarity transmission.

This feature is highly considered by electronic device users, especially those who highly rely on wireless connectivity, just like walkie-talkies of the military sector. 

Examples of Audio & Video TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Combo Jacks

Din Connectors

Displayport Connectors

DVI REceptacles

HDMI Connectors


Automotive Connectors

Quality and reliability are the features that the automotive industry highly demands. TE greatly puts these into consideration to appropriately create product solutions for the connectivity challenges of tomorrow.

The automotive industry is broad, yet TE attends to them separately according to their needs. Both on & off-highway and hybrid & electric vehicles are just some to mention.

Examples of Automotive TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Automotive Headers

Automotive Terminals

Connector Housings

Data Connectivity Systems


Seals & Cavity Plugs

Fiber Optic Connectors

We may all agree that the internet is the most in-demand wireless connectivity. As a result, relevant service providers like TE Connectivity constantly compete by improving the speed of their  products to satisfy consumers’ mindset of “the faster, the better.” 

The fiber optics of TE can accommodate 10G ethernet with a capacity to handle 40G and 100G next-generation already when needed. The best feature of this TE AMP connector is easy maintenance and high reliability even in the harshest environment. 

Examples of Fiber Optic TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Rugged Fiber

Expanded Beam Fiber Housings

Standard Fiber

Fiber Connector Covers & caps

Power Connectors

These are highly reliable power-enabling products that efficiently use 5 to 1,000 amps to supply equipment for efficient communication. 

Examples of Power TE AMP Connectors

Backplane Power

Circular Power

Battery Connectors & Holders

Panel & PCB Outlets

Power Contacts

Power Terminals

Aside from these, Power TE AMP Connectors are variations resulting from the following configurations:
Rapid Lock – A single-pole for lug connection that quickly connects or disconnects the replacement.
Multi-Beam XL – A very versatile and blind-mateable connector for high reliability and high current density.

Lightning Connectors

The variation of this category ranges from LED and Street Light requirements. TE lighting systems are engineered for reliable connectivity and seamless integration of power transmission, lighting controls, and data. 

TE’s main goal for its lighting connectors is a simplified installation process which is the inspiration for the following product lines:

Light-N-Lok Ballast – Tool-less wire-to-wire connectors suited for ballast discon and other lighting applications.
Lumawise LED Holders – Offers a snap-in LED retention feature that eliminates work for soldering.
Nectar M & Nectar S Power Systems – These are flexible, modular wiring, fully pluggable, sealed connector and cabling systems. They were initially designed for permanent data circuits and power installation for the construction industry.

TE AMP Connectors – Shape-Based

Circular Connectors

From the name itself, this first shape-based connector is cylindrical and has a multi-pin feature. This feature allows it to contact electrical power devices and transmit electrical signals & data. 

The circular shape provides these TE AMP connectors with unique functions, including a quick and easy tool-less connection & disconnection. In addition, these circular connectors can withstand the harshest environments of different sectors, including aerospace, electronics, energy, and medical.  

Examples of Circular TE AMP Connectors


Standard Circular Connectors

Circular Connectors
Contact Inserts

Rectangular Connectors

These devices are meant to optimize signal integrity applications, especially those with limited internal space. They are manufactured using molded plastics and die-cast alloys materials. 

Rectangular connectors vary from wire-to-wire and wire-to-board, producing the following examples:

Rectangular Contact

Rectangular Connector Accessories

Rectangular Connector
Hoods & Bases

D-Shaped Connectors

Security, reliability, and connectivity are the priorities of this shaped-based category for high-density circuits. It has been qualified to be used by the space industry due to its unique non-magnetic feature. The rubber grommet on the rear section reduces the strain when the connector is used. 

Examples of D-Shaped TE Connectivity AMP Connectors

Microminiature and Nanominiature

D-Sub Connectors and Contacts

D – Sub Accessories


Additional TE Connectivity AMP Connectors 

Unfortunately, we will not be able to discuss every TE Connectivity AMP connector type to avoid overloading information. However, those that have been discussed are generally the most commonly used.

If you have a different electrical wire connectors requirement, we conclude the remaining varieties through the listing below.

  1. Connector Backshells & Adapters
  2. Dock Connectors & Guide Hardware
  3. Modular Jacks & Plugs
  4. PCB Connectors
  5. Pluggable IO Connectors & Cages
  1. RF Coax Connectors
  2. Socket Connectors
  3. Terminal Blocks & Strips
  4. Terminal Junction Modules & Accessories


TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Distributors

For your specific connector needs and requirement, TE Connectivity AMP Connectors Distributors are available to assist you. Connecting with you is not a problem, regardless of your location. BD Electronics Ltd is a go-to for the European market due to the efficient and fast service made possible by its strategic geographical location, which is in Malta

For BD Electronics’ assistance on the different electrical wire connectors, you may reach out through the following channels

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