Top 10 Australian PCB Companies

Top 10 Australian PCB Companies

The quality of Australian PCB companies’ assembly services is quite excellent. So, if you need PCB companies for your manufacturing process, this is the business to get in touch with. You can discover more about the kinds of work these businesses provide from their websites.

Numerous businesses in Australia offer PCB companies assembly services. Nevertheless, many businesses provide various levels of work based on the complexity of your objectives and your budget. Before deciding on one of these businesses to order your PCB Australia prototyping boards from, you can ask questions about them.

You spend more time researching PCB companies’ assembly providers than you would have if you had already chosen one of them. It also requires a lot of research, which is beneficial for enhancing your familiarity and expertise with various topics, including electronic circuitry.


Top 10 Australian PCB Companies

Allegro Services

Allegro Services is an Australian PCB companies assembly service provider with design capabilities for all the prominent PCB companies’ assembly procedures. It has been a leader in PCB manufacturing for more than 30 years and employs highly qualified individuals committed to producing high-quality goods.

Allegro Services offers supply chain management, materials handling, and storage solutions. Additionally, they provide design services and create circuit boards in almost any size or shape. Additionally, they have a facility wholly set up for testing prototypes so that they can offer you thorough testing for your PCBs.

Low, medium, and high-volume manufacturing is their area of expertise. Leading PCB companies assembly service supplier in Australia, Allegro Services takes great pride in this position.


BEC Manufacturing Pty Ltd

Based on its initial technology, BEC Manufacturing Pty Ltd has created numerous PCB Australia manufacturing processes since it began producing PCBs in 1992.

Your board can be made in almost any size and shape by them. Additionally, they are experts at producing both low- and high-volume orders.

For a variety of businesses across the world, BEC Manufacturing offers complete circuit design, prototyping, mask set generation, and PCB fabrication services. They have offices across the globe, including in Australia, New Zealand, China, Korea, and Europe. BEC Manufacturing Pty Ltd is the top company offering PCB companies assembly services in Australia.


Breadboard Killer

For various sectors, Breadboard Killer offers PCB prototype companies assembly services. They recently created their own patented procedures and are among Australia’s top PCB prototype makers.

Breadboard Killer has created its proprietary manufacturing processes to integrate PCB companies’ assembly, prototyping, manufacturing, and testing. They are also creating total end-to-end products, from design to manufacture.

It is a CB service for engineers, students, hackers, makers, and hobbyists. Breadboard Killer will handle the labor-intensive task for you and provide you with the starter kit.


Phoenix Electronic Designs

Since its founding in 1986, Phoenix Electronic Designs has been owned by Australians. This PCB Australia manufacturer produces printed circuit board assemblies for businesses, including Telstra and Ford Motor Company. In the academic sector, Phoenix Electronic Designs is likewise well-known.

Over the years, they have served as a reputable PCB prototype maker, supplying high-quality hardware and electronic components to universities all over Australia, including the University of NSW Sydney, Griffith University Gold Coast Campus, and Edith Cowan University.


Cadlink Electronic

Leading PCB prototype producer Cadlink Electronic specializes in creating high-quality PCBs. Since 1988, they have produced boards, and many engineers and designers typically choose them as their first option. They have locations in Australia, Germany, and the United States.

Compared to other PCB companies, they feature a quick and adaptable PCB production process. This is because they have a complete pick-and-place system, automatic feeder, machine vision inspection system, and automatic soldering machine on their own SMT line.

Using the most recent manufacturing techniques and technology, they can build high-quality multi-layer boards. They can also offer you a variety of surface finishing methods, such as immersion tin, immersion silver, and immersion gold plating.


Circuit Solutions

Circuit Solutions is one of Australia’s most seasoned PCB companies. Since 1988, they have been manufacturing cost-effective, high-quality boards. They provide PCB design and manufacturing, assembly, and testing services for surface mount and through-hole PCBs.

The average turnaround time is four to five weeks. However, you may choose from various rapid and expedited turnaround times on their quote tool. Additionally, they provide a free interim quote that will validate the pricing per unit once they have the necessary number.

Circuit Solutions’ Design Department can meet the needs of its clients. It is a long-term commitment to client delight rather than merely a one-off design. They have adopted a new design methodology, which they are continually developing. This procedure is circular from when a consumer places an order until the entire order is delivered.


Entech Electronics

One of Australia’s top-rated and leading PCB companies is Entech Electronics. They have been making boards since 1984, and their fully automated CMOS SMT line enables them to produce large quantities of components. They offer services for various industries, including credit card machines, mobile phones, industrial electronic devices, and healthcare devices.

To produce boards in large quantities, they have a fully automated SMT line. In addition, they have visual inspection equipment, pick-and-place equipment, reflow ovens, and SMT equipment.

They may also assemble the prototype PCBs for your products. One of their highly qualified and experienced engineers can create a prototype PCB in just a few days. If necessary, they can keep your design for up to three months.

Entech’s Circuit Design Consultants can collaborate with you from the start of the design process to ensure everything complies with your needs. They can help you with PCB layout, part selection, and economic analysis. They can also address any problems that may arise during the design phase.


Huntsman Technologies

Huntsman Technologies has produced PCBs for over 25 years and has a solid reputation for offering first-rate customer service and high-quality parts. In addition, they have a lot of knowledge and competence in their field, which allows them to make reliable, sturdy PCBs of excellent quality.

A group of engineers at Huntsman Technologies can manage all phases of the design process. They can provide you with post-manufacture support, schematic, layout, and PCB fabrication.

If you’re seeking speedy prototype boards, they provide this choice. Thanks to them, we employ you can test your circuit as quickly as possible. Your finished product will take a little bit of time to arrive.


IMP Electronics Solutions

In Australia, IMP Electronics Solutions is a pioneer in designing and producing printed circuit boards. Since 1989, they have been supplying PCBs to customers, demonstrating their extensive industry knowledge. They take great pleasure in the caliber of their panels, components, and level of service.

With a skilled team of experts, IMP Electronics Solutions is a fully authorized and accredited PCB manufacturer that can meet your PCB needs.

IMP can support the design process during the schematic and layout phases. We use the IMP IES program to accomplish this. Additionally, their knowledge and skills can raise the caliber of your finished product, making it more dependable, strong, and able to sustain prolonged use.

IMP manufactures PCBs that are incredibly dependable and durable. We use their many assembly lines and locations to accomplish this. They also have a group of highly qualified engineers who can manage every stage of the assembly process.

IMP produces prototype PCBs and standard parts, allowing you to test your design without waiting too long for the final product. In addition, they can save your plans for up to three months if necessary.


Keyflex Australia

PCBs made by Keyflex Australia, which uses their design software wholly integrated with their entire line of equipment, come highly recommended. Since 2003, they have been supplying PCBs to clients, and they take great delight in the caliber of their work. In addition, their knowledge of the market and experience in it allows them to create solid and high-quality PCBs.

The schematic and layout phases of their PCB design process might be assisted by a variety of highly skilled design engineers that they have on staff. They can help you with all the fundamentals—for instance, the arrangement of your solder mask or even the PCB schematics and board designs.

Keyflex is one of Australia’s PCB companies with a broad range of authorizations. As a result, they can manage every step of the assembly process, from placing orders with their PCB manufacturer to putting your boards in packaging and making packaging holes. Keyflex furthermore provides wings services to help you cut any larger design. This means a skilled staff can cut your parts or even etch and paint your PCBs at no additional expense.

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