Top 10 independent Electronic parts Distributors


Sourcing for electronic components has always been an important duty of Purchasing Managers in many industries, from automotive, communication, to aerospace, medical or military, and more.

The criteria for choosing the right Electronic parts Distributor to supply high-quality production vary from business to business. However, quality, delivery, and cost would be the main concerns for buying electronic components.

This suggestion of the top 10 independent Distributors of electronic parts would give an idea of the listed distributors’ strong points that managers are looking for.


1. Arrow Electronics

The American Fortune 500 company headquartered in Colorado, USA, is number one on the list with 933 reputable partner manufacturers. The international distributor has a stock of hundreds of thousands of high-quality electronic active and passive components and services and solutions, covering a wide range of industries. Technical support is also the big plus of Arrow Electronics.


2. Avnet

As a big player in distributing electronic parts, Avnet has 300 locations worldwide on all continents. The distributor is advantageous in delivering worldwide. With the products listed in logical categories, Purchasing Managers can look for specific parts at ease.


3. Future electronics

Being a highly credited supplier of electronic components since 1968, the Canadian distributor is experienced and available for service in 44 countries. Future Electronics website also allows buyers to chat live with the technical and sales team for quick order and consultation.


4. Digi-key electronics

This fifth largest electronic component distributor in the world has been the authorized distributor for 1500 leading brands. Customers can rest assure that the authentic products are delivered directly from the manufacturers to Digi-key to your business. Promotions are also frequently available to cut down on shipping costs with this American global distributor.


5. TTI, inc.

The US strikes it again with another top specialty distributor of electronic components. Focusing on the Americas, Europe, and Asia territories, TTI provides a large stock of accredited brands’ electronics.


6. Mouser

As a subsidiary of TTI, Mouser also provides a variety of Electrocomponents from top-quality manufacturers. This distributor’s best feature is the policy of no minimum order quantity, allowing buyers to purchase even one piece of the electronic part.


7. Rutronik

The German distributor has 82 sales offices in Europe, Asia, and America to bring embedded products to customers with specialist support from the team of engineers, business developers for technical and commercial purposes.


8. BD Electronics Ltd

Unlike the abovementioned distributor, BD Electronics Ltd is a fast-growing online distributor with a strong OEM network of 700,000 parts, which can cut costs on stock and warehouses. This means that Purchasing managers can enjoy a much better quote compared to other big players.

The European distributor has obtained partnerships with experienced manufacturers situated across the globe, who provide a wide range of authentic, high-quality electronic components to your business. The trademarked service of BD Electronics Ltd includes worldwide delivery, prompt service, and reasonable price.


9. Farnell

Becoming a part of Avnet since 2016, Farnell distributes electronics of 3000 existing brands and shares the stock from Avnet. This inventory profile and the community of 630,000 engineers meet the customers’ needs from research and design support to prototype and test through production services.


10. RS Components

RS Components is a trading brand of Electrocomponents PLC with the service in 32 countries and 500,000 products in stock from 2,500 leading suppliers, include semiconductors, interconnect, passives and electromechanical, automation and control, electrical, test and measurement, tools, and consumables.



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