Top 5 Electronic Chip Distributors

Top 5 Electronic Chip Distributors

There has been a recent shift in the electronics industry that especially involves suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors. As the consumer base for these engineering facilities gets younger and younger, the demand for smartphones and other gadgets with wi-fi capabilities also continues to rise. This trend can be confirmed by looking at digital footprints which tells us that the recent demands for more innovative gadgets have been on the constant rise.


This rise in demand for more complex electronic chips has been both a good and bad thing for the electronic manufacturing industry. On one hand, suppliers are constantly having to grasp at straws on how to continuously and efficiently provide for the growing demand. On the other, this has only also solidified the advancements the digital age has brought, therefore, ensuring a much wider and endless growth of potential market opportunities.


Flame Enterprises


Flame enterprises were founded in 1969 and were solely devoted to creating a ready inventory of various electro-mechanical items used in military and aerospace. The company aimed to create a more efficient production line when it comes to the manufacture of products related to military and aerospace. This innovative approach to the inventory of such products allowed the company to be able to provide immediate access to its catalogs thus, cutting down costs and time for completion of various projects and the removal of uncertainty in quality when it comes to the finished products.


Flame Enterprises continuously try to update and expand its product lineup to meet the growing demands of the industry. That being said, the company also prides itself in the high-quality distribution and manufacture of electronic chips, electro-mechanical products, relays, relay sockets, circuit breakers, switches, and indicators. These products and manufactured and monitored from designing to delivery to ensure the distribution of high-quality products to consumers and clients.




PEI-Genesis is known as a global leader in the design and assembly of various custom-engineered electronic chips, connectors, and other cable solutions mostly used in harsh environments. PEI-Genesis works closely with its clients to conceptualize and design components and customize solutions to meet specific standards and fulfill niche applications of various electronic products all while serving customers with efficiency, consistency, and integrity.


Since PEI-Genesis mainly deals in the distribution of customized products and services to its consumers, the company constantly strives to mirror and duplicate the goods and services to all of its branches. This allows the company to be able to assemble and cater to clients from anywhere around the globe. The company develops custom solutions to support the aviation, military, industrial, railway, and medical sectors worldwide.


The majority of the products and services offered by PEI-Genesis are assembled to order. This system allows providing highly-tailored solutions and components all while maintaining low to minimum order quantities. This capability is a great asset to both the company, its constituents, as well as its clients. Furthermore, PEI-Genesis is also in the unique position of being the only value-add connector distributor with facilities in America, Europe, and Asia.


Richardson Electronics


Richardson is a critically acclaimed distributor of various engineering solutions, power grids, microwave tubes, and other related consumables such as electronic chips, power converters, and RF and microwave components. The company also distributes replacement parts and service training for diagnostic imaging equipment and customized solutions.


Since the company’s founding, Richardson Electronics has launched its subsidiary, Power, and Microwave Technologies Group, with the aim of continuing its legacy and complementing its established catalog of products and services. Through its renowned Visual Technical Solutions division, Canvys, the company is able to deliver innovative and custom display solutions to a wide range of consumers and clientele.


Richardson Electronics has also been able to dabble in technical services for satellite communications ever since its acquisition of Powerlink in September 2011. The company has also extended its products and services to the healthcare sector with its launch of Richardson Electronics Healthcare. Through this subsidiary, the company offers flexible, efficient high-value diagnostic imaging replacement parts, components, and technical support to hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, medical institutions, independent service organizations, and more.


Excelpoint Technology


Excelpoint Technology as well as its subsidiaries are B2B platforms known to provide high-quality electronic components, engineering device services, and supply chain solutions and management to OEMs, ODMs, and EMS in the Asia-Pacific region. The company has been recognized by world-class achievement bodies and has been granted a spot in the Top 25 Global Electronics Distributors and Top Global Distributors lists by EBN and EPSNews respectively.


Excelpoint Technologies was founded in 1987 and currently has headquarters in Singapore. The company’s business has reached 50 cities in more than 10 countries and is continuously growing its manpower with every passing month. The company strives to work closely with its clients to be able to come up with creative and innovative solutions to complement the needs of its customers. The company mainly specializes in customer support and in improving the overall operational efficiency of the client. That being said the company also dabbles in the production and manufacture of various electronic chips and components for supply and distribution.


Carlton-Bates Company


Carlton-Bates is a company lauded for its achievement of becoming a part of the Fortune 500 WESCO International family of companies. Carlton-Bates has been and continues to be a trusted provisor of innovative and specialized services as well as a leading distributor and manufacturer of automation controls and various electronic chips and other electro-mechanical components. The company also offers OEM products and maintenance, repair, and troubleshooting.


Carlton-Bates continuously strives to be more than just a distributor of products. The company aims to uphold its reputation as a leader when it comes to customized products, services, and solutions. Some of the services the company offers are as follows:


  • Consultative Sales Approach
  • Assembled Solutions
  • LEAN Value Creation
  • Inventory Management
  • Global Account Management


Because of the company’s affiliation with WESCO, Carlton-Bates is able to deliver its products and services to more than 400 full services branches in North America and international markets. This global reach allows the company to uphold its reputation in being a leader in the electrical, industrial, communication, supply chain, and logistics industry.


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