Top 5 Hard-to-Find Electronic Parts Distributors

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Top 5 Hard-to-Find Electronic Parts Distributors Top 5 Hard-to-Find Electronic Parts Distributors

Hard-to-find electronic parts distributors serve as an integral part of the supply chain and serve as the producer of the various electronic materials and equipment used by manufacturers. These components used by manufacturers may include and are not limited to passive components and semiconductor devices as well as leaded and surface mount components and devices.

Having said that, electronic component and equipment distribution is a rather complicated process. Being able to source and acquire materials at the right place and at the right time is key for this operation to succeed.

This is why distributors play a key role in helping both clients and manufacturers alike. While manufacturers themselves are not capable of keeping in touch with all of their clients, distributors are set up in such a way that the “middle man” between the client and the manufacturer is the core of the company. This operation then allows for smoother transactions between the producers and manufacturers and the clientele. Here are 5 notable hard-to-find electronic parts distributors that are worth looking into.

CTG (Crestwood Technology Group)

CTG, otherwise known as Crestwood Technology Group, is a company that specializes in the distribution of commercial hard-to-find electronic parts and services mainly used in aviation, government, and military defense. The group mainly handles components and critical parts, assemblies, materials, and obsolescence management solutions regarding high-grade electronic components.

CTG prides itself as a supplier and manufacturer to many of the world’s notable airlines. The company also has a reputable number of other clients from MROs and even government agencies that specialize in defense. Furthermore, CTG is renowned for offering testing and inspection services to its clientele through the company’s IDEA-certified labs to mitigate and quell suspicions about counterfeiting and ensure award-winning quality services and products.


SMITH was founded in 1984 and is a company that specializes in the distribution of hard-to-find electronic parts ranging from mobile phone parts to computers and various appliances and even directional drilling services. The company believes in growth brought about by action and movement. This is the main reason why the company fosters a high-paced, highly-flexible attitude toward working with its partners.

SMITH continues to strive and help various manufacturers and clients navigate the contemporary electronic markets, help production lines customize supply chain solutions, and allow customers to test the latest electronic releases using cutting-edge technology. The company also specializes in creating solutions for various critical issues as well as quality management of their various products and services.

TTI Incorporated

Hailing from Fort Worth, Texas, TTI Incorporated has built a reputation for being one of the best hard-to-find electronic parts distributors when it comes to various types of connectors, discrete semiconductors, as well as other various electromechanical equipment and components. This reputation holds true until today, even though the company has managed to expand its business, now dabbling in the distribution of many hard-to-find electronic parts used in industrial, military, aerospace, and transportation systems around the globe.

During the company’s expansion, TTI managed to create various areas of specialization for the group. There is a dedicated space for cut reel fulfillment while another area specializes in providing value-added customization of circular and D-Sub connectors used mainly by the military and aerospace markets. These parts are also sometimes marketed as commercial off-the-shelf products.

NIC Components Corp.

NIC Components Corporation, in partnership with Nippon Industries, has been conceptualizing and manufacturing various passive electronic components and hard-to-find electronic parts. Through the integration and culmination of design, raw materials, and production expertise, NIC managed to ground itself as one of the leaders in electronic product development.

In the beginning, NIC only did business by trading aluminum electrolytic capacitors. Since then, the company has managed to expand and is also offering tantalum capacitors, ceramic capacitors, and DC film capacitors along with other components such as thick and thin-film resistive products and a growing catalog of power inductors, ferrite chip beads, and RF components. NIC maintains its various engineering offices on a global scale to expedite technology dissemination and ensure the highest quality of its products.


AERI has been known to be a reliable source of high-quality electronic components and hard-to-find electronic parts that many businesses need in order to be able to function smoothly. The company always strives to be able to implement the latest innovative processes of being able to locate and source various hard-to-find products and components ass while being able to defend against counterfeit dealings and streamlining their delivery process. The company’s experience, reputation, and many various locations of operations allow the company to create an impeccable web of information that the company utilizes to continue to bring only the best products to its trusted patrons.

In real-life markets, hard-to-find electronic products live up to their name. Online markets drastically change this, though. These rare components are much easier to source and look for with the help of just a few clicks. However, when it comes to online dealings, what clients should be wary of are the credibility of the suppliers they are dealing with. The world wide web is littered with many types of scammers and cheaters who try to “work the system” and put up bogus blogs in order to prey on unsuspecting consumers. AERI, as a company that specializes in looking for trusted suppliers, employs the help of the company’s very own team of Search Experts that have been trained to analyze and distinguish which sites and suppliers are credible and which ones are fake.


Electronic component distributors fill in a crucial role in the supply chain. Distributors serve as a representative of the manufacturers they come into contact with and they also play a role in ensuring that the clients and consumers receive the appropriate components they need to be able to operate their respective businesses. Distributors are more than just the “middlemen”; they also provide clients and manufacturers alike with value-added services such as customer support and technical expertise that manufacturers would have to orchestrate themselves.

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21 Jun 2023