Top Choices to Buy Obsolete Electronic Components

Top Choices to Buy Obsolete Electronic Components

Consumer electronics are no longer made to survive since technological innovation is occurring at an exponentially increasing rate. The same is true for electronic parts, which swiftly become outdated when they stop functioning or are no longer needed.

For manufacturers dependent on a particular electronic component for their products, obsolete electronic components might cause serious problems. Military, aerospace and electronic medical manufacturers generally emphasize the obsolescence control of relevant components in their high-reliability verticals. Hardly any electronics industry sector can afford to ignore the significance of an electronic component today for their firm’s survival. Unlike the tech sector, these industries may depend on specific pieces for a long time and may experience a catastrophe if they become obsolete. 

To prevent further chaos, it’s also critical to stay up with developments involving electronic components. When you learn that a component’s life cycle is about to expire, talk to the distributor to see if you can work out a bargain to stock up. We, BD Electronics, are proud to be one of the distributors that specializes in procuring both common and hard-to-find electronic components worldwide.

We are famous for our exceptional efficiency, top-notch services, and capacity to acquire old electronic components that are virtually inaccessible in the current electronics market. Since 2015, we have provided our services to producers of electronic items. We have built a very responsive supply chain network over that time, allowing us to ship electrical components to customers in the shortest amount of time. Due to this, we have built a wide network with the US and European customers in the electronic component distribution sector, and our next step is to expand our coverage into the Indian and Asian markets.

You can send your part requirements for electronic components sourcing, and we will let you set the target price.


Besides, in this blog, we will also name out several other well-known businesses that offer obsolete electronic components for sale online. They cover a number of industry use cases and applications. It is always the best way to place it safe when deciding your choice of distributor that covers your requirements. 


1. 4 Star Electronics


4 Star Electronics Obsolete Electronic component


4 Star Electronics is a quality-focused industry leader in the supply of difficult-to-find, time-consuming, end-of-life (EOL), and obsolete electronic components. They were founded in 2001. Their quality assurance division and internal lab have been acknowledged for their counterfeit mitigation program as industry leaders. 

Here, we have listed product categories distributed and sold by 4 Star Electronics for your ease of reference to get to know the ultimate distributor of your choice. 



Over $50 million in ready-to-ship electrical components from over 2800 manufacturers are stored in 4 Star Electronics’ 30,000-square-foot facility. A patented worldwide part search tool created by 4 Star gives quick access to their entire network of inventories. In addition, they have access to over 100 million line items from their trusted vendor network, which comprises stock from manufacturers, franchise distributors, OEM/CM excess inventory, independent distributors, and other authorized global sources if the parts you need are not in their ready-to-ship stock.

  • Diodes
  • Transistors
  • Microcontrollers
  • Microprocessors
  • Connectors
  • Relays
  • Crystal Oscillators
  • Displays
  • Integrated Circuits
  • Memory

Finding difficult-to-find electrical components on the open market is like traveling through a dangerous wilderness, with hazards including fake parts, defective or damaged pieces, and businesses engaging in dishonest and unscrupulous business activities. However, your organization needs to get through these difficult times to survive and continue to be successful.


2. GreenTree Electronics 

GreenTree obsolete electronic component

In line with customers’ requirements documents, GreenTree Electronics specializes in offering reliable, authenticated, genuine obsolete electrical components with full traceability or authentication testing. Tier-1 OEMs and CMs looking for trustworthy, certified, and essential outdated electronic components have a unique answer, thanks to GreenTree. In addition, GreenTree includes a Quality Inspection with each purchase order as part of their service. This ensures all products bought are of top-notch quality and ready to be used. 

Here, we have listed product categories distributed and sold by GreenTree Electronics for ease of reference to get to know the ultimate distributor of your choice. 



Their specialty at GreenTree supplies traceable and verified electronic components directly from manufacturers and through their extensive global network of approved OEM vendors and franchised distributors.

  • FPGA (field programmable gate array) 
  • CPLD (complex programmable logic device) 
  • Programmable SoC (Memories) 
  • Configuration Memory (ElectroMechanic) 

GreenTree opposes counterfeit goods and offers value-added services, including electrical component testing, authentication, and evaluation. GreenTree and White Horse Laboratories have a service license agreement to test and authenticate electronic components.


3. Tomark Electronics Ltd 


Tomark obsolete electronic component

One of the top distributors of obsolete components in the UK is Tomark Electronics Ltd. Businesses rely on us to reliably source and provide virtually any obsolete component or electronics part. Tomark is ready to help you with problems with long lead times, difficulty finding electrical parts abroad, or obsolete components. Their robust supply network is intended to work hard to locate your obsolete electrical parts fast, assuring the success of your business.

Here, we have listed product categories distributed and sold by Tomark Electronics Ltd for ease of reference to get to know the ultimate distributor of your choice. 



An independent stocking distributor of electronic components is Tomark Electronics. Their expertise is selling brand-new, unused, and genuine electrical parts online. Their UK warehouse houses and distributes all of their features.

  • Semiconductor 
  • Capacitor 
  • Connector 
  • Diode 
  • Resistor 
  • Switches 
  • Transistors 
  • Thyristor 
  • LED 
  • Inductor 
  • Fuse 
  • Sensor

Thousands of electronic components are available in the UK from Tomark Electronics, a creative and expanding business. With their online store and safe payment mechanism through PayPal, they are an independent distributor doing things differently. They regularly increase their stock holdings. They offer excellent prices on items in stock that can be delivered the same day. All of their products are supplied from their warehouse in the UK and are brand new and unused.


To conclude, some electronics vendors will collaborate with you to develop a plan for locating end-of-line or obsolete parts. Finding an independent, impartial distributor with expertise in this field and access to end-of-life, obsolete, or difficult-to-find components is crucial because major manufacturers frequently stop making them.

One of the dangers of obtaining old parts is that the quality could not be as good or that you might unintentionally receive counterfeits. However, a distributor will make sure to give you electronic components that have undergone a thorough inspection and testing and are secure for use in manufacturing procedures.

Hence designing and implementing a proactive and comprehensive approach is crucial to managing component obsolescence issues. When creating an obsolescence management plan, consider the distributor you chose and reach out to the need for your obsolete electronic components. 


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