High-quality TWS headsets and AirPods from Sun Ward

BD Electronics Ltd has successfully broadened the range of products with many top-quality TWS headsets by becoming the SUN WARD Tech official distributor – a top-quality audio brand founded in 2015 in Shenzhen city.

SUN WARD is accustomed to pushing the finesse-technicality in making the best audio products for every music lover at affordable prices. The manufacturer has had a fast growth, innovating into an expert of R&D, design, and manufacturing audio technology.

True Wireless Stereo headsets, or TWS earphones, have SUN WARD earphones are available in over 40 countries around the world. Up to now, SUN WARD has built an extensive distribution channel and is always committed to providing customers with innovative and valuable products that satisfy customers.

Sharing the objective towards the future digital audio technology advancement, BD Electronics Ltd is content to become the official distributor of SUN Ward Bluetooth headsets to bring extraordinary listening experience to urban fashion customers.

This strategic partnership broadens the variety of available electronic devices stock to more than 600,000 products of all kinds. With the mission of becoming the most dynamic supplier of electronic components and devices, BD Electronics Ltd warmly welcomes Sun Ward to the official manufacture list with SecoS GmbH, Netsol, Ligitek, The Western Design Center, Inc., Diotec, iVanky,
Rampow, and Hongju.

Purchasing managers and customers can buy Sun Ward branded TWS Earphones right now – CLICK HERE.

A wide range of electronic components, whether obsolete or hard to find, are available. The strong OEM and stockiest network of BD Electronics Ltd consists of active and passive components, from diodes, connectors, semiconductors, microcontrollers, PCB, PCBA, SRAM, optoelectronics, LED components… to consumer goods such as TWS earbuds, USB cables, audio, and video cables.

The leading global electronic component distributor brings the best service to valued customers: worldwide deliveryreasonable price, and professional consultation.

Consumer goods such as TWS earbuds are the new step of expanding to the new market. BD Electronics Ltd’s Product Manager, Stephanie Borg, highly appreciated the quality of Sun Ward audio technology: “This manufacturer produces the headsets with utmost meticulousness and many rounds of lab testing. With such a strict quality control scheme, these TWS earbuds will satisfy our dear consumers, bringing great value, a fashionable vibe, and practical application to daily life while still being affordable. This is the value we are eager to bring to enhance the living standard, embrace the goodness in life, and contribute to the use of audio technology.”.   

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