BD Electronics Ltd partners with The Western Design Center, Inc., becoming an official certified distributor

BD Electronics Ltd is pleased to announce our latest partnership with The Western Design Center, Inc. Henceforth, BD Electronics is the official certified distributor of the highest credited American electronics manufacturer – The Western Design Center, Inc., promising to bring our service and product quality to the next level.

The Western Design Center, Inc. (WDC) has been the top international electronics designer and manufacturer headquartered in Mesa, Arizona, United States since its establishment in 1978. The company has marked their reputation by licensing its 65xx brand microprocessor Intellectual Property to the electronics industry since 1981.

The slogan “65xx – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow” of WDC represents their respect and inheritance from the past, focus on the present production towards the improvement of the future.

A significant highlight of WDC is that the company has obtained up to 22 Intellectual Property Patents from the United States Patent and Trademark Office for a range of electronics, including microprocessors, microprocessor peripheral devices and microprocessor systems by their very own Founder, Chairman, and CEO – William D. Mensch, Jr.

The Western Design Center, Inc. provides the pioneering technology for a range of memorable products of all fields. These include Apple II and IIc for computers, Atari, Nintendo for video game, Rockwell modems and Micronas Closed caption digital TV chip sets for communication, Micronas dashboard controller for automotive and the embedded microprocessor defibrillator’s for medical sector. As the leading expert in electronics, WDC’s products speed up the work with the WDCTools for users, which work well with Assembly or C language code on Window platforms, Mac and VMware Fusion.

Being in the partnership with WDC, BD Electronics is delighted to bring various WDC trademarked electronics to our valued customers. WDC’s Integrated Circuit devices cover a range of Microprocessor, Peripheral Interface Adapter – PIA, Versatile Interface Adapter – VIA, Asynchronous Communications Interface Adapter (ACIA). The latest technology of FPGA Microcontrollers and Single board computers are also in stock with BD Electronics.


Officially distributing the electronics from The Western Design Center, Inc., BD Electronics guarantees the highest quality, reasonable price and easily customized delivery from WDC, as well as providing our dear customers with a wide range of electronic components from other reputable manufacturers.

The network of international partners allows BD to bring the uniform service quality and consulting expertise to customers in all continents. Our partnership with American, European and Asian manufacturers raises BD’s competitiveness in enhancing electronic regional markets.

Upon the partnership with WDC, Stephanie Borg – European Product & Promotions Manager for BD expressed her gratitude: “We look forward to contributing to more and more industries that serve the well-being of everyone. Apart from communication, automotive and medical, we, BD Electronics, sincerely hope to provide electronics to aerospace, military, transportation and computer science. Experts of these industries are warmly welcome and will be supported by us towards a better future or mankind.”

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