Why order with BD Electronics Ltd.

Why order with BD Electronics Ltd.

Why should you start businesses with BD Electronics Ltd?


With a better understanding of our wholesale electronics distribution company, you will know if we are the right choice to enhance your procurement process.



Who are these guys?

BD Electronics is a franchised distributor for certain electronics manufacturing companies around the world. Our headquarters is located on the island of Malta in the European Union. If you are looking for electronic components fast? Our OEM connections and direct manufacturer database make us one of the best resources for electronic components, especially when other European SMD suppliers might not be able to provide stock. We provide active and passive components for PCBs such as diodes, connectors, capacitors, or any electromechanical part with an exact product number and manufacturer.



What are their values?

Customer satisfaction is our primary priority; BD makes sure that our customers receive their products at the mentioned time. Our team emphasizes long-term relationships with electronic contract manufacturers to deliver high-quality products and quick service. We communicate effectively with our clients regarding their orders, and we assure them of an honest and trusted service. BD Electronics stays in contact with clients through friendly calls to know the customer requirements and feedback. Our customers are always welcome to interact with our active, amicable, and candid staff for any clarifications, and we promise quick and satisfactory service.



Supplier Network

BD Electronics is officially certified distributors for electronic brands such as iVANKY, Diotec, RAMPOW, Hongju, and more; our suppliers are located both inside and outside of Europe; thus, we proudly guarantee to provide you the best possible service in the shortest possible lead time. We buy LCDs and other goods via its vetted and trusted suppliers crafted for over 5 years. Purchasing electronics assembly companies looking for a reliable distributor specialized in electronic components need to look no further. Our primary focus is to maintain a large supplier base, particularly in Italy, France, Germany, Netherlands, and the UK. Worldwide, we have many partners from China, India, South-East Asia, and the USA markets.




We use several dropship facilities catered for the electronics industry across 5 continents; therefore, logistically, we have an outstanding range of transportation services regardless of our customer’s desired delivery location. Goods are typically shipped EX Works using our client’s preferred carrier and method. For faster delivery times, we regularly ship using the distribution center closest to the product location. This may be either Europe, the USA or Asia, Australia, or South Africa.




Clients are provided with the highest quality products available on the market at any one time. When necessary, or upon a client request, we can send products to an independent, ISO-approved testing laboratory to ensure our client’s requirements are met, be it military, industrial, or commercial-grade components. We also perform certified testing following our own quality procedures to evaluate the status of a supplier.

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