YAGEO Products and Applications

YAGEO Products and Applications

YAGEO Corporation, a market leader in developing and selling electronic components, was established in 1977 and operates in Asia, Europe, and the Americas. To satisfy the various needs of consumers, the company offers one-stop shopping by providing its whole product portfolio of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components, and circuit protection components.


Regarding chip resistors, tantalum capacitors, power beads and moulding inductors (No. 1 in extensive size moulding), and MLCCs, YAGEO currently holds the top three positions in the world rankings. The company has a solid global presence, with 47 sales offices, 49 manufacturing sites, 20 R&D centres, and 40,000 employees worldwide.


YAGEO’s broad product offerings target key vertical markets, including applications for aerospace, automotive, 5G & telecommunications, industrial, medical, IoT, power management, green power, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.


YAGEO Products Catalog


Chip Resistors


YAGEO is one of the largest global suppliers of chip resistors and serves various applications in major market segments, including automotive, industrial, alternative energy, and consumer electronics. YAGEO provides a complete range of chip resistors, covering automotive-grade metal current sensors, precision thin film, surge, sulfur-resistant, high power, high voltage, arrays, miniature types 01005 and 0075, and more.


With the most significant number of components in a circuit board, chip resistors can determine end product performance and reliability. YAGEO’s superior quality system and state-of-the-art manufacturing technology ensure resistors fully meet all requirements. As a result, customers can benefit from our robust product quality and innovative services.




Driven by the infinite desire for electronic devices to be more compact and reliable, MLCCs have become one of the market’s most developed and highly competitive capacitors segments.


As a significant MLCC provider, YAGEO allocates R&D resources to product development, manufacturing refinement, and quality assurance.


YAGEO is dedicated to offering a comprehensive MLCC product portfolio for diverse applications, including consumer electronics, industrial and heavy-duty machinery, and automotive electronics systems.


Our MLCC line-up includes general purpose, ultra-small size, high voltage, soft termination, high Q for high-frequency communication, high reliability for automotive use, low inductance, and others.


Through Hole Resistors


For decades, YAGEO has been one of the significant market providers of through-hole resistors. Product technologies cover film resistors (metal, metal oxide, carbon, and glazed metal film), wire-wound (general purpose, fusible safety, non-inductive, and power wire-wound), and shunt (metal plate and alloy wire).


Resistors are available in a compact size, precision, high voltage, safety, ultra-low resistance, and extremely high power rating to meet all applications, from consumer electronics to computers, alternative energy, telecommunications, and industrial. With state-of-art manufacturing technology and a wide range of specifications, YAGEO is committed to providing total solutions for superior product quality and reliability with the most comprehensive value-added services.


Wireless Components


YAGEO has a comprehensive antenna product portfolio which offers customers one-stop-shopping. YAGEO’s antenna products include PCB/FPCB antennas, metal antennas, ceramic patch antennas, ceramic chip antennas, and active antennas that address WWAN (3G and LTE), WLAN/BT/ISM, GNSS, and Sub-GHz/short-range technologies. Applications cover consumer devices, automotive electronics (infotainment and telematics), industrial surveillance, smart meters, smart homes, and wireless networking.


YAGEO also offers LTCC integrated components, e.g. balun, filter, balanced filter, and diplexer/triplexer, which combine multiple discrete circuits into one compact package.


YAGEO offers high-performance and compact designs for antenna and filter products with innovative designs and a strong engineering capacity.


Circuit Protection Components


YAGEO offers complete circuit protection solutions, including overvoltage TVS, MOV, GDT, SPG, ESD, TSS, and overcurrent protection components PPTC and NTC. TVS, MOV, and ESD products have precise voltage clamping capability. They can constrain the voltage at a permissible level to prevent circuit damage by conducting significant current to the ground. GDT, SPG, and TSS products work as a switch which GDT, SPG, and TSS products can turn to conduct transient abnormal current to the bed. PPTC and NTC are resistors whose resistances are dependent on temperature. Therefore, the resistances of PPTC and NTC can be changed along with temperature to protect the circuit. YAGEO circuit protection products are used in all applications, including Automotive, Industrial, Power supplies, Telecommunications, and Consumer electronics.


Electrolytic Capacitors


The aluminium electrolytic capacitor is one of the capacitor types with a larger capacitance per unit volume. The large capacitance of electrolytic capacitors makes them particularly suitable for passing or bypassing low-frequency signals and storing large amounts of energy. Coupled with strict quality control, advanced technology, and excellent service, YAGEO offers many different electrolytic capacitors, including Miniature, Surface Mount, Snap-in, Screw Terminal and Polymer. In addition, you will find additional features that distinguish products and solutions in different applications.


Inductors and Coils


Inductors are one of the essential passive components used for reshaping and delaying alternating current. They are applied to electronics where voltage and current change over time. YAGEO offers a comprehensive range of inductor products, including chip beads, multi-layer chip inductors, wire-wound inductors and power inductors. All the products come in various sizes, frequency characteristics and a wide range of impedance/inductance values to meet customers’ diverse application requirements.


YAGEO Products Applications




The ever-increasing presence of electronics in the automotive environment requires a wide diversity of passive components possessing advanced product characteristics and superior reliability.


Not only are established systems like engine control, power steering, transmission, climate control, lighting, and ABS undergoing monumental changes. Additionally, relatively new techniques, such as car-to-car communications, driver assistance, self-steering, and self-parking, are experiencing similar transformations, which call for a more significant number of resistors and capacitors. Deeper integration within the automotive environment necessitates pushing the performance of passive components to the limit.


With this knowledge, YAGEO has made a new series of automotive-qualified MLCC and R Chip components available to the market for use in current designs and as a precursor for future trends.




The telecom environment is developing at a tremendous speed, and more devices are wirelessly connected by the Internet, seamlessly bringing together personal electronics such as smartphones, tablets, computers, and appliances found in homes, cars, and industrial equipment. As a result, the amount of data flooding existing infrastructure is dramatically increasing, posing a growing challenge to base stations, routers, and switches. So how can product designers meet and stay ahead of market demands? In answer, YAGEO has developed comprehensive passive product offerings from resistors, capacitors, and varistors, to wireless components. By building on its unique strengths, YAGEO is set to deliver the solutions to meet the unrelenting drive for miniaturization-a case in point is the tiny 01005 case size for Rchip and MLCC. Further optimisation of space on the PCB is achieved by integrating discrete components in 2 and 4-element resistors and capacitor arrays, also available in various case sizes.




The core of industrial electronics can be segmented into power electronics, factory automation, mechatronics and robotics, intelligent systems, measurement and testing and a new technological gamut of quickly growing Internet-based applications. Today’s key drivers include high compactness, greater integration and flexibility, improved safety, long-term reliability, energy efficiency, comprehensive connectivity, self-diagnostic facilities, and long operating life.


While passive components like resistors, capacitors and wireless components play a vital role in the electric circuitry of industrial applications, they must meet the following requirements:


  • Technically advanced
  • Wide range of products
  • Robust and highly reliable
  • Long-term performance characteristics and stability
  • Long term availability


YAGEO’s well-known standard series of products, the R Chip and MLCC series, fulfil every aspect of these requirements. Additionally, YAGEO offers a range of specialised passive components.


Power and Energy


The fast-growing global hunger for electricity cannot be met in the future by traditional energy sources such as coal, oil, and gas. In contrast, atomic energy is reluctant due to its inherent risks and the unsolved problem of nuclear waste.


More energy conservation is one solution, but renewable resources like wind, solar, biomass, thermal, hydro-power, and tidal and wave energy have the potential to solve this global challenge fundamentally and sustainably.


Alternative energy will also change our approach to energy generation. Aside from centralised power plants for the base load and country-wide, high-energy transmission lines, small and dedicated units connected to local grids with intelligent metering systems will soon colour the electricity map.


As these applications work in harsh environments plagued with thermal and mechanical stress, vibration, and high humidity, often in remote locations where maintenance is complex, an essential feature of electronic circuits and components is long-term reliability.


YAGEO offers a comprehensive range of passive components that fulfil the requirements for the various functions in current and future designs.

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