YAGEO Corporation – Sustainable Electronics and Development

YAGEO Corporation – Sustainable Electronics and Development

Over the past few decades, electronics have become an integral part of day-to-day life. The advent of technology and digitisation of many aspects of living has changed how we, as humans, connect, work, play, and learn. This advancement has no signs of ever slowing down as well. The world is constantly evolving at a breakneck speed. Unfortunately, this evolution’s wake of production, trials, and errors has left humans and the planet with so much waste. YAGEO Corporation is one of the many companies looking to rectify this.


Sustainability in electronics and manufacturing requires a concerted effort from every sector. To truly make a circular behaviour of production and distribution, critical thinking and better decision-making are needed. Such changes must be evident, not only in how companies approach electronics but also in how manufacturers deal with waste and production. Reaching zero waste is ideal and is considered a critical milestone to this end; however, beyond just becoming net-neutral, electronics also can do good for the environment by closing the digital divide and expanding on economic inclusion for people all over the globe.


About YAGEO Corporation


YAGEO Corporation is a global provider of passive component solutions offering the broadest selection of passive component technologies from some of the industry’s most recognised brands. With a leading portfolio of chip resistors, polymer, tantalum, MLCC, film, and aluminium electrolytic capacitors, circuit protection devices, magnetics, antennas, sensors, and actuators, as well as global production and sales capabilities designed to meet the diverse requirements of customers and a full range of end-market segments.


Founded in 1977, YAGEO Corporation is a leading global electronic component company with capabilities on a worldwide scale, including production and sales facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas. The corporation provides one-stop-shopping, offering its complete product portfolio of resistors, capacitors, inductors, transformers, relays, antennas, wireless components and Circuit protection components to meet the diverse requirements of customers.


YAGEO Corporation currently ranks as the world No.1 in chip-resistors, No.1 in tantalum capacitor, No.2 in Power Beads & Molding inductors (No.1 in extensive size moulding) and No. 3 in MLCCs, with a solid global presence – 47 sales offices, 49 M manufacturing sites, 20 R&D centres and 40,000 employees worldwide.


The company’s broad product offerings target key vertical markets, including applications for aerospace, automotive, 5G & telecommunications, industrial, medical, IoT, power management, green power, computer peripherals and consumer electronics.


The group serves diversified leading global customers, such as EMS, ODM, OEM and distributors. YAGEO Corporation has been listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange since October 1993.


YAGEO: Corporate Values, Sustainability, and the Environment


Corporate Values


YAGEO Corporation understands that practical corporate governance standards result in more than just positive public relations. The company has profited from more successful risk management, more effective organisational functioning, higher market competitiveness, and more shareholder trust in recent years, notwithstanding economic downturns, by adhering to corporate governance and integrity criteria.


In YAGEO’s quest to establish itself as the world’s best provider of inactive component solutions, reinforcing the fabric of governance practices has proven to be as crucial as an excellent business plan.


To promote RBA and implement human rights and social aspects, we developed YAGEO Corporation’s Global Code of Conduct, this management manual to manage and execute efficiently.


As such, the company continues to uphold the following policies in the company:


  • To ensure labour’s obligations and rights, YAGEO sets up regulations and systems according to Labor Standards Act.
  • YAGEO fully complies with “Gender Equality in Employment Law” and labour-related applicable obligations in Labor Standards Act. YAGEO prohibits sex, race, religious belief, age, marital status, disability, and nationality discrimination.
  • YAGEO does not employ child labour under 16 and avoids enforced labour according to company employment policy.
  • YAGEO respects human rights, complies with “Gender Equality in Employment Law”, and avoids sexual harassment.
  • YAGEO devotes itself to environmental protection. The company’s environmental policies are to implement pollution prevention to comply with the legal requirements, environment-prohibited material disuse and reduction, resources recycling, sustainable business development and continued ecological improvement. These policies establish and implement an environmental management system to provide safety and healthy work environment for the employee.


Sustainability and the Environment


YAGEO Corporation has always devoted itself to corporate social responsibilities to be a good corporate citizen. The group continues strengthening ties with employees and suppliers, enhancing corporate governance and business ethics, and maximising social contribution and environmental protection. In addition, the company provides a clean & healthy living environment to society to show our care for the earth and the next generation. YAGEO’s business and commitment to sustainable growth depend on these cornerstones.


Environmental Policy


  • Establish and implement an environmental management system.
  • Implement pollution prevention to comply with the legal requirements.
  • Strive for sustainable business development and continuous environmental improvement.
  • Encourage all employees to involve in environmental protection activities.
  • Implement energy saving and waste minimisation; strengthen resources recycling and reuse; reduce and disuse environment-prohibited material.


Safety and Health Policy


  • To safeguard worker health and safety-oriented, continuous monitoring of safety and health performance reduces workplace risks and prevents injury.
  • Regular checks and regulations strengthen the on-site inspection and comply with the safety regulations and other requirements of health-related matters.
  • The PDCA model enhances safety and health performance through audits and management reviews.
  • Part of shaping practical experience related to health and safety is implementing the Occupational Safety and Health Management System as a whole operation.
  • Consultation and participation of commitment workers and their worker representatives.


ROH Compliance Declaration


YAGEO Corporation has spent the past decade building a global network of production bases, distribution, logistics, eBusiness connection and technology development to provide time-to-market services to its international customers. Given the increasing demand for environmentally friendly products, the company began to engage its resources in developing lead-free passive components in 1990. As a pioneer in the field of non-hazardous passive components, YAGEO provides products that are RoHS compliant to meet the requirements of the European Union directive, effective on July 1, 2006.


Declaration of Metal Conflict-Free


YAGEO Corporation herein declares the metal Conflict-Free on products supplied to customers. YAGEO Corporation takes due diligence within the company’s supply chain to assure “DRC Conflict-Free” for the metals of gold, tantalum, tungsten, tin, and cobalt are not derived from or sourced from mines that are conflict areas of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). As a result, these minerals are not illegally taxed on trade routes, either controlled by non-governmental military groups, or criminal, military factions. Trade routes not confirmed as “Conflict Free” include direct exports from the DRC and exports through Rwanda, Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and Kenya or an adjoining country.




YAGEO Corporation has always been committed to corporate social responsibility to be a company which supports sustainable electronics. The company continues to deepen its relationships with workers and suppliers, improve company governance and business ethics, optimise social contribution, and safeguard the environment.


YAGEO Corporation gives society a clean and healthy living environment to demonstrate our concern for the world and the next generation. These pillars are critical to the success of YAGEO and its commitment to long-term growth.

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